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senvet Tue 14-Jun-16 13:19:52

saw this and thought of you all

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lasttimeround Tue 14-Jun-16 18:55:24

Good but just shows you what the feckers think behind closed doors

senvet Thu 16-Jun-16 02:01:35

this is going the rounds - I think it is genuine...
"Dear Parent Carers/IASS/IS

Westminster City Council is aware that over the weekend, SEN law firm, Bakersmall, posted insensitive comments on social media, which have subsequently been widely circulated and condemned.

From time to time the council employs specialist firms to give legal advice and provide representation at hearings. We expect the highest standards of conduct from all contractors and it is clear that the messages posted on the Baker Small Twitter feed fell well below these standards.

We want to reassure you that Westminster City Council is committed to working in partnership with parents. We aim to work with integrity and build relationships based on respect, as such we condemn the messages conveyed over social media and have taken immediate steps to end the provision of services by Bakersmall.

To be clear, the borough has suspended our use of Baker Small for all future tribunals other than those that will take place in the next few days.

We would like to reaffirm that we are committed to working with parents, carers, schools and other education providers in an open and transparent way, as such we considered it important to share this update with you.

We hope the above information is helpful. Please pass on to others as you see fit.

Kind regards

Alison Farmer
Tri-borough Assistant Director for SEN & Vulnerable Children"

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senvet Thu 16-Jun-16 02:18:40

And another one fires BS..

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senvet Thu 16-Jun-16 02:20:02

Good Grief. Herts have fired BS
Herts County Council ‏@hertscc 16h16 hours ago
#bakersmall will no longer represent us on new cases. We will terminate our association with them at the earliest possible opportunity

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