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iPad apps

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Osospecial1 Sat 11-Jun-16 09:13:24

Hi I'm looking for some recommendations for good apps for my DD6. She loves the iPad and it has always been a great tool to help her learn words/numbers etc as she really enjoys it too. She loves apps such as duck duck moose etc but I haven't updated it for ages so I'm trying to find something to challenge her a bit more again, maybe something with numbers up to 100, phonics etc....any recommendations?
Thanks smile

zzzzz Sat 11-Jun-16 15:46:28

Osmo is lovely.

Montessorium apps


Pocket phonics

Pop Maths

Skills builder primary maths

Language builder


Question Builder

Squiggle fish


venys Sat 11-Jun-16 18:33:46

I have forgotten most of the names of those types but Splingo springs to mind

Osospecial1 Sat 11-Jun-16 21:16:12

Ooh great thanks I shall have a look at all those now smile

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