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School attitude to SATs - don't know if I'm being unreasonable

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Thisismynewname123 Wed 25-May-16 15:42:28

My daughter has non specific learning difficulties. Literacy is a particular difficulty of hers. She is overwhelmed and out of her depth when she sees a long paragraph of words in front of her. She has one to one and booster reading to help her, so school have interventions in place. Earlier in the year, the possibility of her not taking some of the SATs was discussed with the SENCo, who said at the time that we could review it nearer the time but there was a possibility she wouldn't take all English papers as she couldn't fully access the paper. As it got close to the time, this seemed to have been retracted, and the stance was that every child in Y2 would have to take every paper, irrespective of any difficulties. They said they would keep a close eye on those who struggle, and if they show any signs of anxiety or distress, they would be stopped. Obviously, most children don't show signs of this until they get home. So my daughter came home in tears. She was inconsolable. In her words, everyone refused to help her (I realise this is the rules, but not sure she was aware, and instead she felt as though she had been left to fumble around on her with no clue what she was doing). She proceeded to tell me (in her words) that she is so stupid she has to stop going to school because she is the stupidest one there. She gets everything wrong and all of her books have only green marking in them (as opposed to whichever colour is used to demonstrate the understood the L.O.). I was so upset for her. She was adamant at the time she wouldn't return to school because there is no point, there is no-one there "stupider" than she is (far from the truth, but her perception). I was so upset, but when I attempted to speak to the school about it, I was basically told, all children have to take all tests, that's the rules, she's done the hardest of them now so it's all over. End of discussion. No thought to what this has done to her self esteem, her mental well being (despite many previous discussions with the school over her anxieties, and them knowing full well that I struggle to get her to school even on a good day). I feel like I can't let it drop there. Yes, they are over, but she was so traumatised by them and my/her concerns were totally minimized. I assume the directive came from the Head that everyone has to take all papers, as I know that the same isn't true in other schools. I need some advice on whether I'm over reacting, and whether I should do anything now to make a fuss, or just drop it??!!

zzzzz Wed 25-May-16 16:50:50

What do you want to happen?

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