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SOUNDABOUT-anyone heard of/doing it?

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Jollymum Sun 30-May-04 17:45:57

I just saw something about this thing SOUNDABOUT on TV on Community Channel. I do music with little people but I also go into a SN school once a week and work with the kids (best day for me!). I also teach Makaton signing to all my non SN kids because I think it's important (but that's another rant!). Does anyone do/know about this because I would love to know more about it and as it's a Bank Holiday and I'm an impatient cow, I can't wait to phone them. It's Music with SN kids but seems to be very well thought out and they have something like a laser that translates even the tiniest movement into "music".I' M WELL INTERESTED AND MAYBE COULD THINK ABOUT GIVING UP BUSINESS AND GOING INTO THIS AS I'VE SEEN WHAT MY LITTLE "EFFORT" DOES WITH MY SPECIAL KIDS AND I THINK THEY WOULD REALLY BENEFIT FROM IT. (SORRY ABOUT THE CAPITALS, GOT REALLY EXCITED!!)

littlemissbossy Sun 30-May-04 18:15:47

Don't have any personal experience, but have a look at and look under barnstormin, you'll find info on here about soundabout and an email contact HTH

Jimjams Sun 30-May-04 20:48:28

Think I may have seen this in a sn catalogue. Maybe Magic Planet or Rompa?

Jollymum Mon 31-May-04 07:29:37

Thanks for the info, will try that stuff!

mrsforgetful Mon 31-May-04 13:22:03

nothing to do with thread....but you mentioned the use of makaton with ALL SN kids..... reminded me of my youngest's old reception teacher who used to run a SN unit at a mainstream school and she used sign language to help all the children with their speech etc.....she then used it a bit in the mainstream school that she then went on to teach in (where she taught my son)

my point being that he really benefited with this approach....and it reminded me of years ago how i think it was Helen Keller that used a ballon to speak ONTO to feel the vibrations alot of the signs that Alex was shown involved touching his face etc......ramble over!!!

frazle Fri 21-Jan-05 21:29:21

i work in as a nursery nurse in a SLD school wit three to six year olds, and about aa year ago sound about came to do an worksop and idesa day with the children finishing with an evening of further information on ideas of using reasonance boards and it was fantastic. The guy was brill really understood the children and hugely practical i would really recomend them.

Christie Sun 23-Jan-05 11:18:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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