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This is a strange question perhaps. Do you allow school to video your SEN child for promotional purposes etc?

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Meeep Tue 17-May-16 09:58:19

DD has ASD and ADHD, she's at a mainstream school.

I always ticked the box at the start of the year saying I didn't want her to be in videos or photographs at school.

This might be my own odd issue, but I have occasionally seen things online with children in dance groups etc. being judged as naughty or laughed at for behaving similarly to DD, and it's made me cringe, and feel sad for the child.

This year they're doing a series of videos in choir for a competition, these will be made public, and they are also doing a set of videos for the school blog for a project in class this term, which is also open to anyone to view.

DD wants to take part, and her teacher has mentioned that to me. Then, the head called me aside to talk about the blog and how great it is etc.

I don't want DD to feel like she has to be ashamed of who she is, but, I'm worried a video showing her (quite extreme) stimming might get some ignorant comments, I think other mums at school might judge too. People do judge and it could be online forever, when she's a teenager when people could see it and pick on her. Or when she's looking for a job!

Is that paranoid? I want to protect her from that possibility.
I feel like school want me to change my choice, DH seems to think I'm worried about people judging me more than DD (I don't think that's fair but thought I'd add it in as that's his view), I'm not sure what to do - this year and going forward.

zzzzz Tue 17-May-16 10:23:04

Lots of parents don't allow pictures of their children on the Internet (including me, but for different reasons). Ask the school to think of a way children can all be included without compromising their privacy. They have a huge number of children in school who can't be photographed for a myriad of reasons and it shouldn't have been presented as an option to Dd if you had already refused permission angry

Tell Dd "no" I don't explain why I just sat "because that's not what we do in our family"

ChowNowBrownCow Tue 17-May-16 15:51:07

I dont allow my ds to be filmed or photographed. No explaination need for the school or ds.

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