How does the naming of a school process work

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SENMumoftwo Fri 13-May-16 11:35:05

I'm just wondering what actually happens when a parent name the school of their choice, after receiving a draft EHCP.

Does the named school get all the paperwork and have to fill something in? Or is it more simple than that?

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BackforGood Sat 14-May-16 00:22:33

I don't know if it is the same across the country, or if it varies between local authorities (which, since being on MN, I've found a lot of things do!), but, here, the authority contact the school with the information about the child, who them say if they are able to offer a place or not.
Some schools will visit the child, some won't. Some will already be full.

Friolero Sat 14-May-16 08:02:34

The ipsea website has some useful information on requesting a school in the EHCP:

SENMumoftwo Sat 14-May-16 13:18:53

Thank you both. I'll have a look at that link.

I guess I wanted to know if there was much paperwork involved, as I doubt it's just a case of LA phoning named school. Although, anything is possible!

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AugustaFinkNottle Sun 15-May-16 10:19:40

The LA is supposed to consult the school formally, sending them a copy of the draft EHCP so that they can decide whether they can meet the child's needs.

SENMumoftwo Sun 15-May-16 10:45:50

I thought it should be something like that. I wonder if it's actually done when it comes down to it.

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BackforGood Sun 15-May-16 23:05:41

It is done here, Im not sure what the alternative would be?
But it's no extra paperwork. The school gets to see what the authority already hold (ie the draft EHCP)

AugustaFinkNottle Mon 16-May-16 08:41:18

I'm quite sure it is done like that. No school is going to take a child with an EHCP without knowing at least something about what the issues are and what support they have to provide.

SENMumoftwo Mon 16-May-16 10:20:31

I completely get you. It appears that a friend has been told (by her LA), that they called the school and there's no spaces! And that's it shock

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AugustaFinkNottle Mon 16-May-16 10:44:29

Lack of spaces is another issue. If it is the case that the school absolutely can't fit another child in, it's probably legitimate not to go any further. However, I would have thought that in most cases they should explore whether that really is the case, or whether the reality is that the school can manage given some more funding for the child's SEN.

SENMumoftwo Mon 16-May-16 12:02:18

To be honest, she's is being messed about by them and she doubts it's even the case. No paperwork has even been sent, according to my friend.

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BackforGood Mon 16-May-16 13:30:03

Ah- well that's perfectly feasible, if it's specialist provision you are after. Spaces in special schools and resource bases are like gold dust around here. If they have no spaces, then there's no point in sending paperwork of individual children to them, as they can't take them however appropriate a place it might be otherwise.

SENMumoftwo Mon 16-May-16 14:59:40

That's very useful to know for myself too. I'll pas that on.

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