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Discobabe Mon 09-May-16 21:55:09

So I'm going to see the scuool nurse tomorrow to fill in a referral form for my ds aged 9. I've felt since he was 2/3 there was something different about him. We saw a paed when was 3 but he had a speech delay (was under salt) and they (paeds) were reviewing him every 6 mths but nothing was happening so we mutually agreed for him to be discharged. I've always felt I was the only one who saw his quirks and thought I was neurotic.

For various reasons I decided it might be time to review our situation and get a referral again. The school nurse I spoke to asked me to get evidence from school (who have never raised any issues but I have an appt with ds' teacher tomorrow) and family. Three grandparents have done lists of the quirks they see and said they've seen them for a long time but didn't want to say anything and upset us. It's all got a bit real now that I know it's not just me. I was in two minds last wk about the referral but now think we should definitely try to get ds seen.

If our referral gets accepted what happens next? and what do I say to my ds about appts without causing upset or worry for him? Thanks x

tartanterror Wed 11-May-16 21:09:38

We found that our local Speech & Language Therapy service were invaluable for helping with evidence and assisting with referral. Some services will accept a self referral for communication issues. We told our DS (7) that we were going for "another" check up and that there would be a cool room full of toys. If you haven't had many appointments maybe tell him that it's a standard health check for 9 year olds? Good Luck

2boysnamedR Thu 12-May-16 22:29:23

I wouldn't say too much, don't lie but answer any questions he asked. So it is a check up or sorts - but don't expand or say "it's about your toenail" either. If he asks more than you can awnser you can reply with closed awnsers. What are they checking for? "I don't know for sure, we will have to see what the doctors says". Ask the Dr if he can leave the room when you talk about his "struggles" as self esteem could be hurt.

My son was much younger and has never asked. He is obvious. When we see OT it's the lady who helps with his bendyness. He knows he's dyspraxic but I don't think he put the two together most times

2boysnamedR Thu 12-May-16 22:30:06

Oblivious I mean

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