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Elvanse - is there a short release/top up dose?

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BertBert Tue 03-May-16 11:15:23

DS (8) was put on Equasym XL when he was first diagnosed with ADHD & this worked well with a short release top up dose on the odd occasion he was doing something after school. His dose had to be changed after a growth spurt and the higher dose resulted in DS becoming withdrawn & depressed. Our consultant moved us to Strattera but despite being on the maximum does for his age/size, had no effect so DS has been prescribed Elvanse.

So far, so good. The only side effect has been decreased appetite but DS understands that his meds make him not feel hungry but his body still needs the fuel from food.

The medication seems to have a positive effect for about 8 hours and then the fidgeting etc. starts to surface. For the majority of the time this is fine however, DS wants to play cricket. He is fine for the training session/match at the weekend as his meds are in his system but he is struggling at the evening training during the week (effectively unmedicated at this point) and I think they are going to ask him to leave as it is disruptive for the other players.

Does anyone know if there is a top up dose for Elvanse? I've googled and can't seem to find anything except the slow release he currently has. I found one website that suggested a top up of Equasym but I'm wary of this affecting DS's mood (although it would only be once a week).

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