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Smartphones and ADHD

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soundofthenightingale Tue 26-Apr-16 14:56:55

Hi, I've posted before a couple of times as I think my 13 year old son has quite a few ADHD symptoms, though probably not enough to go down diagnosis route (I decided).

He's been wanting a smartphone for a while, and I am considering letting him have one (fairly reasonable, with a month-by-month contract with i-D of only £5).

However, I am a bit concerned about the addiction/distraction issue. He has been pretty reasonable about his PS3 and tablet, though always gets my permission first, though can get angry if I say time to come off PS3. But a phone, by definition needs to be accessible more of the time.

The last thing I want is a power struggle about phone usage as I want to keep life as simple as possible for both of us. I know alot of parents have this issue with their teenagers, but my question is does having ADHD symptoms make this issue worse?

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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