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Ds has sweet breath - very limited diet.

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hazeyjane Mon 25-Apr-16 11:06:46

Ds's diet has always been very limited, but it seems even more restricted than usual, and he is starting to lose weight. He is under a specialist dietician, who has always said as long as we can get calories in, and try tiny steps to expand his food tastes (it seems to work on a 1 tiny step forward, 3 steps the moment!) I struggle to get any supplements into him, as he can detect a rogue element in a loved food at a 100 paces. I have recently noticed that his breath has a sweet smell, and I am worried that this could be connected to his diet. Has anyone any experience or advice? Have also posted in children's health.

zzzzz Mon 25-Apr-16 11:13:07

Yes it is probably ketones and should be concerning. If it is basics it means you are low in carbs.

What will he eat hazey? Can he do ice cream/milkshake?

zzzzz Mon 25-Apr-16 11:14:15

How are his teeth? Check for cavities/pain?

Tonsils? Adenoids? Earache? Cold?

hazeyjane Mon 25-Apr-16 11:27:31

He is permanently chesty, and I think his ears are blocked at the moment, but I know his ill smell (god that makes me sound like a weirdo!)

His teeth are okay, very tartar-y on the bottom because of the way his tongue sticks out (remind him a 1000 times a day that his tongue lives behind his teeth, but it always pokes out, and dentist said that where the saliva pools he gets tartar build up)

He will eat icecream but not milkshake. He just seems to be eating such small portions of the food he will eat. I have been getting school to write down everything he eats (as I think they were being less than honest.....'Hazeyboy ate a roast dinner today'.....'Really???'......'Well he ate a potato and some bread and butter') and we are seeing his dietician in a couple of weeks.

I just noticed his breath this morning, and it was after cleaning his teeth, on the way to school so not after eating anything.

His digestion is not great at the moment, he has been complaining of tummy ache and I had to drop a stool sample off this morning because of some black bits in his poo, which the continence nurse said might be old blood, and that was the first poo he had done in 4 days.

I knew about ketosis and low carb diet, but I think his diet is fairly carb heavy (and fibre, vitamin and protein lite!)

zzzzz Mon 25-Apr-16 13:14:51

Make some icecream. I do 1 can condensed milk, same volume cream, 2 egg whites soft peak, 2 egg yolks, and either vanilla or a bar of bournville. whip, mix, freeze and mix every so often. DO NOT EAT IT YOURSELF or you will become spherical grin

Mine likes milkshakes and I have recently been doing icecream, milk and complan (vanilla) in the liquidiser. It has protein and vitamins, but I don't se why you couldn't mix it into the icecream recipe. (or whey powder for that matter).

Arf at the roast dinner. A previous school once told me that ds had eaten a sausage at lunch so not to worry that he hadn't taken his pack lunch. confused we don't eat pork and ds has NEVER eaten anything like a sausage in his life. The story changed when I queried the porkiness of the sausage [expressionless]

just go for any calories you can get in and as much water/milk/liquid as possible. The best thing for his stomach might be some live yoghurt and honey if you can somehow.

MrsBobDylan Mon 25-Apr-16 19:53:25

Have his blood sugars been checked?Not wishing to be alarmist but a sweet smell (think pear drops) on the breath can be a sign of type 1 diabetes. If you don't know his blood sugars, it is worth getting them checked by your GP asap.If the sweet smell is a sign of ketones they need treating promptly.

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