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Who do you tell ASD diagnosis

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Sparkle41 Sun 24-Apr-16 18:48:05

I would really appreciate your advice, I am expecting ASD diagnosis this week for my DS2 (4) he has 2 NT siblings. His village pre school are in the process of applying for EHCP and his main issues are speech delay and delayed social interaction, at the moment we are not seeing many other issues. We live in a village and it is very obvious due to his speech that he is behind developmentally. I'm not sure if we should just put the ASD diagnosis out there or whether it should be on a need to know basis. It's all I can think about at the moment but hoping over time that he becomes more than an ASD diagnosis and that I can talk about him without referring to his challenges. Were you very open about it from the beginning? It has taken me 6 months to start to come to terms with it but I can still be caught unawares some days and I just well up. Sorry if I sound really pathetic, hoping it all becomes easier to deal with, just not sure what to say. Quite a few people know he has been having development assessments but I haven't really gone into detail.

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