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legoland with 4 dc with SN

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elliejjtiny Sun 24-Apr-16 00:53:27

What do we need to ask for to make things easier?

DS1 (9, nearly 10) has Aspergers syndrome. He can queue, and copes with most things as long as they are predictable, he doesn't do change very well. He gets LRC dla

DS2 (8) has severe hypermobility syndrome (uses a wheelchair for walks longer than 5 mins) and sensory issues. He gets MRC HRM DLA

DS3 (5) has hypermobility and hearing loss

DS4 (3) has global development delay and various medical issues. He can stagger a few steps and uses a tank like SN buggy. He gets MRC DLA, waiting on the mobility and a blue badge.

I know I can get in free as a carer. Can DH get in free as a carer too when he doesn't get carers allowance? What about fast track passes?

whatamess0815 Sun 24-Apr-16 07:01:00

I would have thought that if you have two DC on mrc DLA, you both can get in as carer. I usually go free as a carer for DD (HRC) and I take the DLA paper as proof. I don't get Carer's Allowance.

Ineedmorepatience Sun 24-Apr-16 14:25:04

You will both get in free but they have changed their policy on exit passes recently so you need to check before you go!

Imaginosity Sun 24-Apr-16 18:47:24

I brought my 6 yr old who has aspergers last year and we got the exit passes -so no queuing at all -you just wait at the exit to the ride and go straight on the next go. You get to go on ten rides like this - which was more than enough. By the time the passes ran out it was getting quieter as it was going towards the end of the day and the queues for many rides were quite short.

They seem to still be doing these passes according to their website

I think a carer can get in free with every child with special needs.

Youarentkiddingme Sun 24-Apr-16 19:25:49

I go to legolnad a lot! Each child on dla will get a free carer. Fast track passes are for those who struggle queing due to sensory difficulties p, communication difficulties etc. They've always been happy just to read DS dx latter saying ASD even though I take evidence of the above too.

Each access pass allows 3 other guests so 2 should be enough.

If you have any OT or Camhs etc reports on the difficulties I'd take them IME legoland are very good because it's predominantly targeted at younger children.

Imaginosity Sun 24-Apr-16 19:45:21

We visited from Ireland and only had DS's photo ID from Irish Autism Action and thus was enough to get the exit pass last year.

PandasRock Sun 24-Apr-16 20:39:30

Ok, it can be tricky with more dc with SN than carers.

Take paperwork - for legoland, a dx letter is ok, or any document which states the nature of the disability. You can both get in as carers, no problem. I take my 3 (all ASD) either me + DH, or with an additional carer too, and we all get in as free carers.

The exit pass scheme is trickier. A couple of years back, it was changed and now it is for those 'who do not understand the concept of queuing'. Wheelchair/physical disability won't count, necessarily. Essentially, it is meaning ASD/sensory issues.

The exit pass is for the disabled guest plus up to 3 others. If you get more than one pass issued, they will take pains to ensure you inly have the right amount covered - ie we often get issued with passes for 2+3. They won't issue a pass for 5, officially, although we have had one more than once.

Then it gets tricky as each guest needing an exit pass must be accompanied on rides by a carer/adult. Fine, except most rides at legoland need the dc to be 130cm or over to ride unaccompanied. So eg, we had issues getting on a ride all together as dd1 (tall enough, but severe ASD) needs to be accompanied, ds is only 3 so needs to be accompanied, but dd2 (who had other exit pass) doesn't need to be accompanied (has Aspergers and is sensible) but Must be accompanied on rides if using an exit pass (which we have to as they wont issue an exit pass which covers the whole family!) = logistical nightmare and the reason we often take an extra carer.

Rides at legoland are another issue. Lots are 2 seater (3 at a pinch, if dc are small enough) and the height limit to ride unaccompanied is bizarrely high given the slow-ish nature of the rides (130cm). Given the combination of not enough adults to go 1:1 with each child, and the exit pass not covering all of us meaning we had to use dd2's exit pass (meaning she had to be accompanied on rides even when she was tall enough) -it was quite stressful getting around legoland over the last few years!

It is good, though, just wanted to warn you it could take some planning!

elliejjtiny Tue 26-Apr-16 14:18:40

Thankyou. It's not until June so plenty of time to plan. We've decided to take FIL with us too. He and DH will look after the older 3 between them and I will take DS4 round miniland and the duplo bit.

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