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EHC plan, Independence and self help

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vjg13 Sat 23-Apr-16 07:59:23

Posting here for traffic. My 18 year old daughter's statement is currently transferring to an EHC plan. Does anyone have any links to or suggestions of what a good 'independence and self help' section for needs and for provision looks like.

My LA have left these essentially blank in the draft, we had a transition to adult social care assessment which I have asked them to include, but it was mainly box ticking for direct payments.

I have seen the 'preparation for adulthood' website and realise it should include employment, independent living, community participation and healthy living but would really like to see some kind of example.

Any help or hints would be appreciated. My daughter has severe learning difficulties and would like to go to a specialist college after school in 2017.

AgnesDiPesto Sat 23-Apr-16 10:52:22

My DS is 9 but we have some bits on independence, life skills etc but its a bit vague being a while off
I have made sure they put in that he is vulnerable, unaware of dangers and needs support to stay safe and healthy.
LAs are getting a bit over focussed on achievable outcomes and don't always automatically put in what are current (& likely long term) needs (or provision to meet needs)
My DS may never learn to be safe from risks e.g. abuse or be able to maintain his own health, diet, fitness etc but he still needs provision in place to ensure that happens.

We have a section what is important in future which lists: to increase independence, to find work and paid employment in an area that interests him (or voluntary activities if thats not poss), to be safe in community, to participate in community as fully as possible, to develop and sustain meaningful social relationships, to live as indep as poss in a place of his choosing, to be busy and occupied, to be fit and healthy

Then under provision we have things like: a programme to develop his understanding of the world incl teach him appropriate public behaviour (so he doesn't get arrested for public nudity or inadvertent groping!!) , about physical development, health, diet and exercise, relationships. how to keep himself safe (e.g. public toilets, changing rooms), how to tolerate medical procedures (e.g. dentist, examined by Dr), to be able use public transport. If he were older I would add something about understanding of money / budgets etc

Short term independence goals are to make his own snacks independently and exchange goods for money (he's learning which amount of money to give with fewest notes / coins and the change he should get)

I think if you imagine if you were not around and the council put your young adult in the cheapest supported living group home with minimum wage carers who rarely take them out because they are understaffed and put them to bed at 7pm because that saves money - and then figure out what provision you would need to stop that being your chid's outcome! My thought process was very much driven by fear of what could happen (crap supported housing, abusive carers, awful diet if left to own devices, no exercise, large periods time left unoccupied).

vjg13 Sat 23-Apr-16 16:53:55

Thanks Agnes that is really helpful. You have done really well to get that included now and giving a framework to build on later.

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