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EHCP - How to request specific assessments?

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bedelia Fri 22-Apr-16 12:39:40

LA have agreed to a needs assessment, and I want to ensure the decision whether or not to issue an EHCP is fully informed.

So far, we have assessments/written input from Ed Psych, school, paediatrician, and should have something from SLT in a couple of weeks.

DS2 has a diagnosis of autism and needs a lot of support. He currently only attends 6 of 15 available hours nursery a week with FT 1-to-1 as nursery are unable to fully support him (all documented, LA are aware). He's due to start school in September, and has not yet been allocated a place, presumably waiting in decision re EHCP.

Several reports have referenced DS's (obvious) sensory needs, but as yet LA have not offered OT assessment. How do I request this, as I feel it would be important to inform his EHCP?

Also, is it worthwhile to request a social care/carers assessment? If so, how do I go about requesting this (ask LA SEN dept, or make request directly)?

In mediation, I asked whether there was any support DS could access now due to his reduced timetable (no other form of childcare for DS, I've now had to give up work as I just can't manage any more). Was told there was nothing more they could do, and to wait on outcome of EHCP decision sad

Any advice?

AugustaFinkNottle Fri 22-Apr-16 15:24:54

Refer them to Regulation 6 of the SEND regulations, which says they must get the assessments that parents request so long as they're reasonable. If the reports say he has OT needs then clearly you're being reasonable!

The regulation also says they have to get social care advice. If you look at paragraph 9.69 of the Code of Practice, it says they have to give details of all your child's care needs in section D, and make specific, detailed and quantified provision for all of them in section H. They can't do that without an assessment, unless they've done one recently. However, you can't enforce the provision in the EHC Plan, so if your child has social care needs you also need to ask Social Services direct for a care assessment under the Children Act 1989.

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