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Worried about genetic test.

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Blink2316 Thu 21-Apr-16 20:59:28

My second child (boy) who will been 1 on Saturday. He had a blood test done about 2 months ago. They said they would do a normal blood test and a genetic one. We havnt heard the results yet but the nurse did say the doctor might wait till he sees us next to talk about the results. We are seeing him Monday. We have been to 3 physio appointments since. What has suddenly got me more worried is at the last physio appointment physiotherapist said that my son has hypotonia. It felt like she knew something I didn't. We hasn't been able to do anything at the appointments with my son as his been upset every time. I'm worried and feel on my own with this worry. In my gut I know there's something wrong with him. My sons dad ( havnt been together for 6 months) thinks he will just grow out of it.

Friolero Fri 22-Apr-16 14:34:16

Hypotonia is low muscle tone, so the physiotherapist would be able to tell that just by examining / observing your son, I don't think she'd have got that from the blood tests.

Do you know what they were testing for? Does he just have physical / mobility issues or are you concerned about other things too? I hope the appointment on Monday goes well.

Blink2316 Wed 27-Apr-16 16:45:04

Found out he has Cri du chat

misdee Wed 27-Apr-16 19:13:11

Are you ok blink? Have they given you contacts for support?

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