bullied child with speech delay

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tiddz23 Thu 21-Apr-16 16:22:40

Its so frustrating. My son has a speech delay. He's learning to play nicely at school but the problem is there's a boy in his class who.. I wont say they don't get on .. Occasionally they play nicely. The play always turns rough.. Its no always visible.. This boy will bend my sons finger back and make him cry in the confidence that he wont be able to tell anyone about it (unless someone else sees .. Other children watch out for it). Occasionally my son lashes out .. Like he slapped him across the head for no reason today. He isn't violent to any other child what so ever and it was unprovoked as if he's had a think about an earlier point in the day and thought right I'll go for you now as the teachers are here!

I'm not saying hitting back is right.. To the most part I think I'm concerned about what makes this child lash out at mine .. I think its almost like a cry for help hurting a child who can't tell? Although they are friends and if anyone has suggestions on what to do.. I've spoke to the school and although they understand they were quite dismissive. They can't stop it.. He's unable to move class and the majority of the time they are supervised.. Any suggestions?

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