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EHCP for post 16 - will assessment be refused if college hasn't done much to help?

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Runningtokeepstill Tue 19-Apr-16 17:47:50

I've taken the advice of people on here and applied for an EHCP on behalf of my 16 year old son. I've seen from other posters that LA's don't want to move towards EHCPs if the school involved hasn't tried out enough to help and want to see more put in place by the school first. Does this apply to FE colleges too?

Without going into all the details, my son's college has, in my opinion, acted in a discriminatory way and not provided support or adjustments despite medical evidence. My complaint is wending its way up the stages of their complaints procedure. He's not going to be able to take any exams this year and although I've requested an appointment with someone with experience of disabilities who can discuss with ds what options he has for next year, this has not been acknowledged. A request to the SENCO type person also hasn't got anywhere either although that was sent more recently.

Does anyone know if the LA will say college has to do something more first? Or does that only apply to under 16's in compulsory education. I'm worried that ds will run out of the 3 year funding for FE education and still not have any qualifications and that the college will have the "he's not here enough so you cannot expect anything of us" attitude that his first secondary school had. Hence the EHCP application.

AugustaFinkNottle Wed 20-Apr-16 00:11:10

They may do. All you can do is get an appeal in ASAP if they do, and maybe ask for it to be expedited.

Twicemarried Fri 22-Apr-16 14:46:03

Not sure if it will help but when a young 16yo close relative had leukaemia (sorry about spelling) and was in hospital under treatment for almost a year, she was given a tutor that came to the hospital on a one to one for 2 to 3 hours per day. She was in hospital most of her first year of A's so similar age to your child OP.
She went on to get 3 A levels and then went to university.
Without this support she would not have gained those A's and we had to fight for the tutor but it was worth it.
Not sure where the funding came from tbh as I was not directly involved in this. I never knew you could get this type of help from education. It may be worth asking.

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