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Is it me?

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Waitingforsleep Fri 15-Apr-16 17:13:17

Another argument with dh. Just mentioned about some diy and once again I felt he wasnt agreeing with me. I asked if he thought I was being over cautious (I wanted something different to what he was suggesting as I felt ds may hurt himself- I did say if ds was another child same age without his problems then it would have been no problem)
I just want some support! For everything not to be an argument! He did say In the end yes ok I will do it that way. But not after huffing and a roll of the eye.
I'm fed up. I do t love him anymore. I long for a dh who would have said "yes I see what you mean, yes let's do xyz"

Anyone else ? sad

eskimomama Mon 18-Apr-16 09:00:17

I totally see what you mean... arguments happen so easily about trivial things when there is so much pressure/tiredness/stress/worry due to SN in the family.
For what it's worth, my DH says he hates when I say "no" to his suggestions. He much prefers "yes but"... silly but true. It also help when sometimes I just say "yes why not" instead of making him feel I disagree all the time (things like "should we repaint the kitchen in xyz color?" "yes why not"... knowing that won't get done anytime soon anyway). Sometimes it's all the wording, to say exactly the same thing or idea we can have an argument or not.
Do you really not love him anymore or did you write that out of frustration?
I'm going through the same thing so I support you.

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