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Help with Selective Mutism

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Mavey9 Thu 14-Apr-16 14:23:44

Hi everyone. Been to see a speech and language therapist at a drop in session today for the first time. They agreed my daughter has Selective mutism (mild form). I have come away without a clear idea of what help we can expect. I know the SLT is going to make contact with playgroup to advise them how to handle her anxieties about talking, but that's it. As she only goes 12 hours a week I feel I need some other assistance so I know what to do/not do.

Does anyone know what I should do next?

Also, does anyone know specifically if Bupa might cover this, or have been through the process of getting a referral for it and know what to say to the insurers? I had heard from a friend they won't cover it as they think it's developmental but even with my v limited knowledge I know it's anxiety based, not developmental.


zzzzz Thu 14-Apr-16 14:40:01

Phone bupa and ask them. They will hand hold you through the process.
My daughter is now talking confidently in school and out of the house. Ask salt for specific guidance on how to support her.

GlassCircles Thu 14-Apr-16 17:17:44

Have you seen the SMIRA facebook group? There are a lot of free resources that you can download from their 'files' section, and you can ask specific questions or just join in with general chat.

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