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Looking for some objective advice please

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Discobabe Wed 13-Apr-16 16:42:54

I've always felt there was something 'different' about my son from age 2-3 but no one else seemed to see/think what I did. He did have some s&l issues so some things got put down to that and he definitely has sensory issues. We saw a pead when he was about 4 who twice tried to refer us to occupational health for the sensory issues, but they refused to see him as they only dealt with children who also had a dx of asd etc. After trying twice we didn't see the point in continuing down that path, they weren't overly concerned with other issues but wanted to keep him under review. After a couple of 6 mthly reviews where not much changed we agreed to leave it.

My son is now 9 and over the last year both his dad and his nan have started to notice his little quirks more. I've found this very frustrating as I've always seen them! Last week his dad was referred for an assessment of possible add/autism (he's been told it's highly likely he has add before but no formal diagnosis was made, the gp did a quick autism test which has thrown that up). It's now made me wonder if I should 'do' anything with regards to my son? especially now other people are noticing things. I've always been reluctant to speak to his school (his last school were VERY dismissive over his s&l issues to the point I complained to our local council to force the school to apply for certain funding our salt had advised he'd get because they refused). His current school have never raised any issues so does that mean it's unlikely there is anything wrong?

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