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Given SEN transport at my LA an ultimatum... no response as yet...

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pannetone Wed 06-Apr-16 20:10:23

Further to my thread here I complained to the LA that they had had long enough to have discussions over whether my DS was 'officially' on a reduced timetable and that I wanted transport in place for the start of the summer term next week.

Got an email from the SEN transport manager on Monday saying sorry that they couldn't help hmm as they were waiting to hear from the SEN team - 5 months after I told the team DS was on a reduced timetable, and having sent them a letter from CAMHS, and having had DS's annual review/transfer from Statement to EHCP meeting. Oh, and having been told back in Jan that the fact DS was on a reduced timetable was going to be referred to 'Panel'.

So I emailed transport manager back (and copied in DS's SEN caseworker) to say that as of next week I will not be making arrangements to have DS picked up on the 3 days he leaves school at 1pm - and told them this means he will not be able to attend school on those days as he won't be able to get home.

And now I am stressed - I don't want DS to miss school but I can't see any other way to get my LA to provide the transport DS is entitled to unless I stick to this ultimatum. sad

OneInEight Thu 07-Apr-16 09:15:44

Hope this works. We found only when there was clear evidence that ds2 would not get into school unless they arranged a separate taxi did they budge. Our issue was the LA trying to do a taxi-share with two completely incompatible children - ds2 refused to get in the taxi but even if he had it would have been a huge safety risk as the likelihood of one or other of the children (or most likely both) having a major meltdown in the taxi was very high if they were sharing.

pannetone Thu 07-Apr-16 18:05:24

Thanks OneinEight.

I was going to email again this afternoon but rang the transport manager instead - I explained who I was, but I think she was quite aware of who I was and what I wanted!

She went through suggesting DS could stay in school full time, suggesting I picked him up, but mostly 'blaming' the SEN education team who haven't approved DS's reduced timetable. I made it clear that it was unacceptable for the LA not to have come to a decision after 5 months and that I would not be picking DS up myself.

Don't know if the manager had already decided before our 'conversation' but she said DS could have 4 weeks of transport home at lunchtimes on his part days. In that 4 weeks the LA 'may' have come to a decision if DS can be officially on a reduced timetable. So quite possibly more argument ahead...

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