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ASD & verbal dyspraxia - speech and language / social communication interventions

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Ahhhcantthinkofag00dname Tue 05-Apr-16 15:41:30

Hello I wonder if anyone can help / advise...
DS (age 5 with ASD and verbal dyspraxia diagnoses) has recently transferred to mainstream after 18 months at a speech unit. On the face of it, it's gone v well, he gets 22 hours of support and seems really happy. Class teacher has been v positive in the informal chats we've had.
I think the school are trying hard to ensure he is happy, fitting in and coping day yo day (and it seems to be working) but my concern is he's not getting the appropriate specific interventions. A speech therapist went to see him a month ago but has not given the school anything in terms of activities to do with him etc. This is rubbish as there's still a few speech sounds he can't make, his grammar and vocabulary are very delayed and his social communication reflects his ASD diagnosis.
What sort of stuff do schools do for your kids in this area? I was hoping for a programme specific to DS that find be delivered by his TA and access to social skills groups.
How can I push for things to happen? DS has a statement that specifies weekly speech therapy ( which he got at the unit but doesn't anymore) The plan was that his statement would be updated sometime soon as it currently reflects his needs two years ago!
Thanks in advance for any thoughts...

tartanterror Wed 06-Apr-16 07:47:35

I don't have experience With statements but I would say that it sounds like you need to ask for a meeting with the SENCO and possibly the class teacher & TA. It sounds like they need a reminder about what is in his statement. The school should buy in SALT time so he should get weekly time allocated and you can ask about their social skills groups/other offerings as well. We don't have a statement but I find I have to meet a couple of times at the start of each new school year and then have a one or two follow ups over the year to keep things on track. Sadly what is agreed/promised seems to need chasing up to be delivered, but a good working relationship can be established with a bit of effort. keep calm and keep pushing. Good luck

Ahhhcantthinkofag00dname Thu 07-Apr-16 16:32:33

Thanks for your message. Yes we have a meeting scheduled for after the Easter holidays - it was in preparation for this I wrote the above post!
I'm trying to figure out how to push things forward. The statement is out of date and the school haven't had the relevant input from professionals to deliver whatever jnterventions are required. I guess it's their responsibility to get this input though!

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