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We went shopping and ds didn't run away!

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Eulalia Wed 26-May-04 09:16:20

Went to Asda - the really big one which a few months ago would have been hopeless. But ds stayed close by the whole time! This is the first time ever. In fact he kept saying to me "mummy come back you will get lost!" He did take a pair of Thomas sandals off the shelf but I let him hold them and we traded them for a bottle of coke at the checkout (whew!)

I don't know if it was the holiday but he seems to have come on a lot recently.

We were at the park a couple of days ago and a girl asked him his name. I expected him to just look at her and say nothing but he said quite clearly and precisely "my name is [name]".

Also he is getting better with dd - she got her hands into the margarine tub and I discovered them in the bathroom and he was washing her hands!

Long may it continue! Just as well really as dd is getting to be a right handful....

SoupDragon Wed 26-May-04 09:28:10


dinosaur Wed 26-May-04 09:32:54

That's great Eulalia.

twiglett Wed 26-May-04 09:37:16

message withdrawn

BlossomHill Wed 26-May-04 10:13:57

Eulalia - Really nice to hear that things are going well

coppertop Wed 26-May-04 10:22:09

Awwww! He sounds so lovely. So glad things are looking up for you.

Nutcracker Wed 26-May-04 19:28:18

Ahh he sounds lovely. Any chance he could come and give my Dd2 lessons in not running away

I have given up going to Asda with her if i have Ds with me too.

RexandBen Wed 26-May-04 22:04:13

awww! thats great!

CODalmighty Wed 26-May-04 22:15:19

I blame his mUmmy well done you!

Eulalia Thu 27-May-04 13:18:11

I just hope its not a one off! No he is getting better. However we still have a carry on when he leaves Nursery - took 20 mins to get to the car yesterday. However I think we've turned a corner. Just as well as dd attempts to launch herself out of the trolley and I have to be near her.

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