Is there any point trying to get a referral for my 2 year old? Can they assess for aspergers this young?

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craftyoldhen Tue 29-Mar-16 19:25:41

He's 2 year 2 months old. I'm not sure about him. I've always considered him to be NT, but just got a report from his childminder for his 2 year check and it's really upset me.

She refers to his poor speech and understanding, which I've noticed too. His speech is a bit behind but not that bad. He either doesn't understand things or ignores them, I'm not sure which. If I ask him to get his shoes for example occasionally he will, but more often will just act like he hasn't heard.

She says he often doesn't use the words he does know (true). She says he has poor eye contact, I haven't noticed this.

Also that he prefers to play on his own - I thought this was normal for 2? She refers to meltdowns - but, you know, he's 2!

He can point, and he's good at getting what he wants.

My concerns up till now have been:
- his play. He's obsessed with the washing machine and DH's record player - he likes to watch the records spin round. He lines up cars and other toys, often in the same order, but not excessively. He doesn't do much in the way of pretend play, but will pretend to answer the phone or feed a teddy for instance.

- Also he gets upset at changes in routine, like if you go to a different shop than normal or if you take a different route to the playground.

He knows his numbers by sight and is interested in letters too - we have magnets on the fridge that has sparked this. I find this a little odd given he can't speak so well yet!

It's hard to know what is general toddler weirdness and what, if anything, is cause for concern.

Generally up till now he has been very laid back. Sleeps and eats well. No sensory issues that I've noticed. He doesn't like to be hugged by other children at play group, but that's it. Fine and gross motor skills are good.

For info - he has an older sister with a diagnosis of ASD (aspergers), SPD and is still waiting for dyspraxia assessment (comm Paed thinks likely). I didn't notice anything concerning about her at 2 years old, it wasn't until she started school that her difficulties became obvious. She is also completely different from DS!!

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BackforGood Tue 29-Mar-16 23:55:45

Yes, some children in our area get a diagnosis at two.
Some areas have a long wait to be assessed, so it might be worth getting a referral, and he might not be seen for some time to come, but will be 'in the system'.

Obviously I don't know your little boy so have no idea if he is on the spectrum or not, but clearly you have knowledge yourself, and you can see there are a number of things, which, when you add them together, are concerning enough to investigate further.

Has he had a 2 yr check with the HV? Would it be worth you booking that, and explaining all your concerns and all the CMs concerns and seeing what she says?

Or, if you prefer, getting a referral to the Speech and Language Therapist for an assessment (although, in our area, that is a longer waiting list than the CDC assessment).

Fairylea Wed 30-Mar-16 08:04:36

In our area they do not diagnose Aspergers. It is all "asd". I was specifically told by the specialists we have seen that if there is any sort of language delay it would not be Aspergers anyway. (Not sure how true that is but just what I've been told).

If you have any concerns I would push for assessment. The asd assessment process is long as I'm sure you know and they are far less likely to diagnose with asd if your little one is borderline or they are unsure than if they are confident the diagnosis is correct. Lots of children do get diagnosed very young, just after 2 is very common in our special needs group.

PandasRock Wed 30-Mar-16 08:09:36

It is possible to get a dx at 2. Whether it would say Aspergers depends on both the area/what wording is preferred and the outcome of assessment.

Ime, if you already have one child in he spectrum, then your concerns will be taken more seriously and a referral is easier.

I got my ds referred at 19 months due to delays in development and family history.

By 2.5, I was convinced he would be signed off as he had come in leaps and bounds and was cognitively ahead. He would be termed as having Aspergers in another area, but his dx (after an ADOS at 3.4) states mild to moderate ASD.

craftyoldhen Wed 30-Mar-16 11:56:06

They don't diagnose aspergers here either. It's all ASD, and that's what my DD was diagnosed with, but she has typical aspergers presentation.

I guess what I meant to ask was would they be able to assess a child so young if they were at the higher end of the spectrum? I know children with HFA are usually picked up later.

DS speech isn't too bad, I don't think he'd be considered to have a delay, he's just a little behind. He can say loads of words, but mostly nouns and single words, he's not really saying sentences yet. He doesn't use I, you, me, mine or yours or anything like that. His speech is very unclear too, even to me.

He has his 2 year check today, that's why the childminder wrote the report. I guess I can only mention everything I've said here and see what she thinks.

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