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proposed EHCP, and secondary choices

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emd4 Mon 28-Mar-16 18:46:32


I have recently received DS's first EHCP which has just been transferred over from a statement. The LA have sent out a proposed plan which is basically everything that was sent off copy and pasted into a different format. there were no hours no funding (nothing actually) on there that stated the support he would be getting. I called them and have still not got through to his case worker after 5 attempts but from what ive gathered from phone calls it probably means that his hours are the same. Im not happy accepting it so have asked for a meeting. just wondering if this is the new format of them or if they have made a mistake, or are trying to con us into less hours? it seems so odd to not have any mention of what they are willing to provide.

Im also hoping to bring up secondary schools at this meeting. Hes currently at mainstream but the general consensus between me and school is that he probably wont cope at mainstream secondary. I have called around a couple of different schools and found one that looks ok, not sure if he fits the criteria though. I am waiting to hear back from them. But the other schools I called all said that they will only talk to me about admission criteria if the LA has suggested that school as an option. Is this right? I really have no clue what Im doing with regard to secondary school and how to go about it. Im aware that they will push for him to go to mainstream, and if theres any chance of getting him funding for a specialist school in the end?


AugustaFinkNottle Mon 28-Mar-16 21:36:49

Is he due to move in September? If so, they're way past the deadline which was 15th February.

The regulations say that when a child is moved to an EHCP the LA has to do a full Needs Assessment unless you agree that the advice already obtained is sufficient and the original experts providing that advice agree. Did they do that?

I would suggest in any event you look at paragraph 9.69 of the Code of Practice, and refer the LA in particular to the stuff in Section F about how provision must be specific and detailed and should normally be quantified. Therefore there is no excuse for leaving out hours.

Has the school put it in writing that DS won't cope in a mainstream secondary? If so, there's a reasonable chance that the LA will agree to name a special school unless it's massively expensive. I'd suggest that you visit a few schools and look at their Ofsted reports.

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