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How far and how long does your child travel to school?

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Stradbroke Thu 24-Mar-16 14:57:57

We have seen a wonderful school, but it is 46 miles and 55 minutes drive away from us. DD is only 7 and I think it would be too much for her?

I was wondering what kind of distances and travel times other people do?


enterthedragon Thu 24-Mar-16 17:41:36

DS' school is a little less in terms of distance but usually takes about an hour and a quarter each way.

Cookingwine Thu 24-Mar-16 22:40:57

DS's tube journey is 50-55 min each way. He loves his school and said it was worth the commute last week. If you are driving her it should be fine for her, but for you? Nearly 4 hours of driving per day?

tacal Fri 25-Mar-16 11:06:24

My ds used to go to a local school we could walk to then I moved him to a school further away. Ds was fine with the travelling because he was happy at the school but I decided to move closer to the school to make things easier on us both. I thought the travelling would become tiring for us both eventually. It also meant a lot of hanging around if there were things on after school and not enough time to go home before they began. So I sold my house and then found somewhere closer to the school. Moving was very stressful but it was worth it.

AugustaFinkNottle Fri 25-Mar-16 21:35:03

Official guidance is that journey time shouldn't be more than 45 minutes for primary schoolchildren, and 1 hour 15 for secondary. However, it recognises that some children wouldn't cope with a journey as long as that, and that at times a longer time will be unavoidable.

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