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Not sure if I should worry about DD7/ADHD question

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findyourbacon Mon 21-Mar-16 20:25:09

Last week I had an extended parents evening meeting with DD's teacher. (She's 8 yrs old yr3). She expressed concerns about DDs behaviour in the classroom- not paying attention, forgetting instructions, chatting non stop even when told not to, shouting answers out -loads more actually- quite a long list of issues. To be honest we've had issues with her at home with similar things - but obviously slightly different in the home setting. But she's becoming disruptive in class and her teacher had had to separate her from the other pupils every day as she ends up chatting. She also talks back to the teacher and interrupts her frequently- so much so that it's becoming an issue.

I was really worried about this so tried to research ways I could help her and ways to understand her. Something I read pointed me to a description of symptoms of ADHD and my daughter ticked so many of the boxes - except for the hyperactivity element, and the fact that she can concentrate when she wants, but she just seems to switch off when doesn't like something or she can't do it first time.

I'm getting an appointment with the GP and I'm discussing with the teacher again, but I don't know if I'm wasting everyone's time and she's just being a normal 8 year old.

Sorry I've written this really badly - it's hard trying to express myself confused but has anyone got any experience of something similar?

BackforGood Tue 22-Mar-16 00:11:31

You can have ADD - Attention deficit disorder, without the hyperactivity.
People with ADHD can also get "lost" in a book or a film or a game or something and appear to concentrate for a long time sometimes, so, don't think it rules it out.

I would also ask to have another chat with the school and ask them what they think. Schools are often cautious about naming conditions (as they can't diagnose themselves and they never know how parents are going to react either), but now you are thinking about it, they may agree or disagree.
If you get referred to a paediatrician, they will need a report from the school anyway so it's good to keep talking.

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