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Educational Psychologist recommendations

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mioumiou Mon 21-Mar-16 16:18:08

Hi, we're looking for recommendations for an educational psychologist who can assess our 11 year old daughter and help us defend our case at a SEN tribunal. We're based in the East Midlands, so any recommendations for professionals in Leicester/Derby/Nottingham would be best but would be interested in any recommendation.

Our daughter is in Year 7 and is moving to secondary school next year. We'd like her to go to a special school since she has learning difficulties and problems with attention, concentration and memory. She is working at level 1 and has made little progress this year. Our local authority has named a mainstream academy with some SEN provision in her EHC plan. We are very concerned that the school isn't appropriate to her needs and that she will struggle next year to fit in and won't make any progress. Help please!

DigestiveBiscuit Tue 22-Mar-16 10:06:37

Ruksana Meherali used to practice in the Notts area. I know people who used her 10 years ago for Tribunal and were pleased with her. I don't have any more up to date info than that.

Have a look at the British Psychological Society website. They used to have a database of educational psychologists by area and specialty, iirc . See if she is still on there? The contact details will be on there?

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