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What am I hoping for from paed appointment? PDA....?

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Thisismynewname123 Mon 21-Mar-16 14:00:43

I believe my dd has PDA. She ticks every box. However, it's not recognised as a condition in my area. We have a paediatrician appointment tomorrow. They want to know what we're hoping to get from the paed assessment. Given that I know we won't get the diagnosis that we need, do I push for an ADOS assessment anyway (as this was discussed previously) even though I would expect it to conclude no diagnosis? I want a Camhs referral but I also know that they are hard to come by, but I will be pushing for it anyway. What else should I be hoping to get from the assessment? Are there other referrals that I should be asking for? We are separately going through the process of an Ed Psych assessment with a view to applying for an EHCP in the near future.

imip Mon 21-Mar-16 22:23:37

I'd push for ADOS. My dad ticks every box for PDA also. But it is not diagnosed in our area. She is also pretty obviously autistic. Her diagnosis is ASD, but she is demand avoidant.

We use lots of PDA strategies and I'd say that she seems like she has ASD than P
DA, just because we manage the PDA. I hope that makes sense....

Squashybanana Tue 22-Mar-16 20:27:08

PDA is a form of autism. Most areas can't diagnose it officially as it is not a recognised condition in the DSM 5 or ICD 10 which is what psychiatrists and peads have to use to diagnose. They often aren't simply being obstructive. So yes, investigations for autism would be helpful.

Thisismynewname123 Wed 23-Mar-16 08:20:03

Thanks for responses. The paediatrician agreed to the ADOS assessment. She agreed that dd's behaviour isn't right/appropriate from her own observations, although her eye contact and social interaction don't indicate ASD. She also did the social/communication questionnaire which showed traits, but not enough for a diagnosis. She has suggested microarray genetic testing as she wasn't sure what's "wrong", just agreed that she isn't "right" in some way. Does anyone have any experience of microarray testing, and any opinion on if it's worth doing or not? I may start a new thread on this one... TIA

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