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Could DD have cerebral palsy

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Cliffdiver Sat 19-Mar-16 08:15:27

DD2, 24 months had several developmental delays.

She has a very limited vocabulary. She said quite a few words, but none of them clear and she does not seem to be making progress. For example she could say 'mama, dada, blur-bluh (her name for DD2)' a year ago but has not progressed any further with these words, despite daily coaxing/encouragement.

She cannot jump and cannot walk on her tip toes.

She dribbles a lot (do not think she is teething).

She has a squint.

The basis for my concern re possible cerebral palsy is that she had a fairly traumatic birth, passed meconium before birth, had a low apgar score, required oxygen to breathe after birth.

Saw doctor yesterday who has referred us for squint and speech delay (2 separate referrals).

I had not even considered the likely hood of cerebral palsy until doing some online research on squints and read (NHS website) that it may be due to cerebral palsy then everything else seemed to fall into place.

Does anyone else have any experience of lack of oxygen at birth and long term effects?

Thank you thanks

misdee Sat 19-Mar-16 20:15:44

I would ask for referral to paediatrics and go from there.

minipie Sun 20-Mar-16 23:33:44

DD had to be rescuscitated at birth (took 3.5 mins to breathe, terrible apgars) and at age 3 we found she has very, very mild CP.

Her symptoms are a bit different from your DD's (her speech is excellent, but has poor balance/core strength and not great fine motor skills. She does also dribble and did have a squint as a baby). However CP affects them all a bit differently.

I agree that what you need is a referral to a good general paediatrician who will look at your DD as a whole. (as well as the two referrals you have already). If the general paediatrician thinks it could be CP they will probably refer to a paed neurologist. To confirm CP an MRI must be done.

misdee Mon 21-Mar-16 06:50:13

I have a thread on here about my youngest. She is showing signs of a possible pre-birth stroke, and is being checked for cerebral palsy (results of MRI next month). If you fancy reading through some of what's happened then feel free.

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