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Found out this week that the LA are issuing DS an EHCP. Advice needed please.

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shoeshinegirl Fri 18-Mar-16 19:28:47

It feels like its taken a life time to get this far. School first applied 3 years ago and we were turned down. Reapplied and was issued a NIL. Third time lucky LA are issuing a EHCP.
I'm in shock i think and can't think. I'm waiting for a draft plan. How long will this take?
DS is in year 6. The High School he has a place at isn't the best one for his needs. I'm thinking SN school but SENCO keeps going on about a smaller mainstream high school. How do i know which is the right setting?

uggerthebugger Sat 19-Mar-16 10:14:44

How do you know which is the right school? Nothing beats the Mark-1 eyeball, imo - go and visit a few (by yourself first, then with DS if possible).

There are schools that look awesome on paper, but don't walk the talk. Ignore Ofsted findings, unless there are particular problems highlighted with safeguarding or bullying.

Before you go, scribble down on paper what you think DS needs in the way of support. Ask how they've supported kids like DS in the past. Listen for the specifics of what they say, but also how they say it - they'll reveal a lot of their attitudes and expectations for kids with SEN, positive and negative. Ask how they work with parents to support the child, and how they think you can help.

How long will it take to issue the EHCP? Depends when you asked for assessment, and how willing the LA is to abide by the law. In theory, you should have a final plan no later than 20 weeks after requesting assessment. In practice, many LAs are not keeping to this timeframe.

shoeshinegirl Sat 19-Mar-16 11:45:00

Thank you uggerthebugger
Think I have gone into panic mode. I was so sure a SN school would be the best setting. But now I'm worried I'll get it wrong. Senco made me feel I should be looking at mainstream because he will have the EHCP. Deep down I don't think he will cope MS High School even with the EHCP.
Still waiting for written conformation from the LA. Not even sure if I'll get any, or I'll just receive the draft copy off the plan.

shoeshinegirl Mon 21-Mar-16 14:39:47

Just spoke to LA SEN team on the phone. My caseworker wasn't there, and all she could tell me was the EHCP should be completed on 14th June.
Explained i have been told it's been recommended we apply for a small setting placement, and i was unsure what was meant by that. She asked if we had already applied for high school, which we have but that was before we knew about the EHCP. She said it didn't matter we would still be going to that school.
Am I wrong in thinking we can look at schools, and see which one best suits needs according to his EHCP?

ElementaryMyDear Mon 21-Mar-16 16:37:56

Check when the school's request was sent in and work out what the deadline would be on the basis of 20 weeks from that date. I wouldn't necessarily take the LA's word for it! If they don't meet the deadline, start threatening judicial review.

The caseworker is wrong in saying that your dd will inevitably be going to the school you chose originally (although in practice that may well be the LA's intention). When they send you the draft EHC Plan they should leave Section I (which names the school placement) blank and ask you to express your preference, and in general they should aim to meet that preference unless it is incompatible with the efficient use of resources and the efficient education of other children. So if they are finalising in June it is perfectly possible for them to name a different place.

shoeshinegirl Mon 21-Mar-16 21:20:04

Thank you Elementary that's what I thought.
I'm sure the LA would like me to stick with the school we were allocated. Much easier for them. But now DS has an EHCP there are much better settings we can apply for, which we couldn't when applying for high schools.

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