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ms or ss secondary for severely dyslexic dyspraxic dd

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hopefulgal Wed 16-Mar-16 19:44:06

I am really confused as to what to do for the best for my dd. She is severely dyslexic and has a phonological disorder. She has severe difficulties with working memory and processing. She also has difficulties with visual eye tracking, poor core tone, sensory processing, visual perception, motor coordination.

She currently has full time 1:1 in primary with weekly salt ot and dyslexia teaching. Despite this her progress in literacy has remained very slow. She is currently just at a yr 2 level so around 3.5 years behind.
LA are insisting on ms secondary without 1:1 support. Instead they will provide a ta for small group work in core subjects. No therapy or specialist teaching. I am struggling to see how this will work. The only other option available locally is ss for students with mld and social/emotional. Difficulties. This obv provides smaller class sizes but I'm worried about lack of peer group etc.
Can anyone offer any advice? We don't have a specialist dyslexia school anywhere near us so that is not an option at all. I have found a small indI ms in the next county that can provide small class size etc but not sure if we would be able to win this via tribunal as it's still a ms.

Has anyone s dyslexic/dyspraxic dd coped ok in ms without 1:1?

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