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Nursery concerns for 19 month dd - asd and dyspraxia in family

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2boysnamedR Mon 14-Mar-16 22:37:42

Nursery asked me today out of the blue to sign a form to start doing a Anlock on dd. I was suprised and asked if they had concerns. They said she isn't interacting with the other children. They want to start the ball rolling with getting her seen by the wary years improvement officer.

Because ds2 had dyspraxia, language disorder and statement and ds3 is severely autistic I went straight down the GP and requested referral to a pead.

Dr did make the request but she asked if I was worried about dd. I'm not ( or wasn't until today). I said I have no grasp on normal development any more. I am trying not to look for issues either.

Dd smiles, has a few words, has a few makaton signs. My only concern is her extreme hyper mobility. She is clingy and quite screamy.

What does asd in girls look like at this age?

coffeemachine Tue 15-Mar-16 07:27:29

oh 2boys - yet another worry for you.

ASD is such a huge spectrum. Dd1 (now 8 with severe ASD and LD) was not on anybody's radar at 18/19 months (just I had niggles).
had a good 20 words but struggles to follow instructions (e.g. "go to the lounge and get the ball" was nothing she could have done). only just started pointing. repetitive play (normal at that age but DD did take it to a very different level). other than that she was (and still is) lovely, smilie and happy. nursery noted only that she was not able to resond to simple yes/no questions (such as more food?)
for me the main thing was the receptive language.

have you done the M-chat? 19 months is a good age.

Ineedmorepatience Tue 15-Mar-16 09:39:11

She is little but watch this for an idea of the ways that girls with Asd are different to boys.

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