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Sons feedback meeting what to expect

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frankiebuns Wed 09-Mar-16 16:26:15

My ds whos 5 is in tthe process of being diagnosed with aspergers and hfa what do i need to expect for his feedback meeting what questions should i think of asking

Marshmallow09er Wed 09-Mar-16 17:06:47

Hi Frankie

With the benefit of hindsight I now wish I'd have asked what other agencies he could be referred to (eg Speech and Language / Occupational Therapy). We came away with some leaflets about local support groups and really were left to our own devices.
You could also ask about autism specific parenting courses - I think Cygnet is one - in your area that you could be referred to.
Also any recommendations for his school and make sure these are very explicit in the follow up letter they do for the school (which they should def do too)

Hope that helps. It can be a tricky time, even if you're expecting the diagnosis, it can still be quite hard to hear it out loud. But hopefully this will mean the start of unlocking support for him.

runningouttaideas Thu 10-Mar-16 13:52:43

Hello Frankie, Is the feedback meeting the diagnosis meeting (sorry if I sound like a dumbass grin) if so DS's was actually a bit weird tbh. We were told DS 's diagnosis but the psychologist then went on to tell us she disagreed and asked us a random question and reassured us that if we thought things didn't seem to fit when DS got older to get in touch and they will reassess confused. She then went through the report with all the evidence they had gathered, Gave us a load of leaflets and told us about support groups. Then signed us up for an ASD course which she didn't believe we needed confused and that was it. Which is what Marsh has said above.

frankiebuns Mon 14-Mar-16 17:02:23

Thankyou yes this is his diagnosis appt. He is classic aspergers and the consultant said right at the beginning that he could see he was but we had to jump through fhe hoops to get there. Im scared of being left to it. Hes ok at school although he does struggle to make friends and his understanding can be off. But the school think hes fine! Im already doing a asd course and hubby is doing a nvq in autism something through work. I just dont want to leave him to his own devices and miss anything!

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