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She's now been referred to Consultant Paed...

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Blossom4538 Wed 09-Mar-16 14:26:43

After seeing Ed Psych, we were told 4-6 weeks for her to finalise her report. It's only been a week and her report has already been finalised. I haven't received it yet but she has confirmed that our Daughter will be referred to the Consultant Paediatrician due to her atypical development profile.

Anyone else had this?! Did they diagnose? Worried now. I am aware of what she could be struggling with but still alarmed. I appreciate the referral though, can only be a good thing. She has previously seen community Paed and play therapist.

Coffeemachine Wed 09-Mar-16 16:49:09

Guess she has been referred to a developmental paed (consultant specialising in developmental disorders).

they usually don't dx straight away but may decide in further assessments (e.g. Ados) depending on presentation. and you may end up with a dx or not. but it really all takes ages and won't happen overnight.

do you get any other support? Salt? Ot?

Blossom4538 Wed 09-Mar-16 19:57:55

She's had 6 sessions through school with a play therapist who is also an OT. She has carried out motor and processing skills assessments (Amps) - she has written up a report and referred her back to community Paed and recommended salt referral. Shortly after this we had the Ed Psych appointment.

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