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My nephew's speech...any advice please?

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MattDillonsPants Mon 07-Mar-16 23:56:47

My nephew (R) is 2 years old....he has no words at all and my sister in law has not sought any any support for him.I know this is none of my business, nor is it any of her Mum's (MILs) business. But it's very worrying...he can point, he can gesture at things....he smiles and physically is able so he can climb well....but he never says anything other than "uh" he did babble a bit but it's sort of gone unless he's only near people who are immediate family.

If he wants something for eg he will reach toward it and say "uh," and people know what he wants...he can follow instructions well so his hearing must be ok?

It's getting to that stage where when we're out and about, people are speaking to him and expecting a response but of course he can't and I can see SIL's discomfort...but she won't open up and say she's worried and she has no close friends to confide in...she doesn't visit any baby groups with him either.

He doesn't do puzzles or show any interest in books or being read to...he doesn't build or put things in slots...he doesn't really play pretend games either but he does love tools and tries to play with adult tools....he likes for example to spray a water bottle on the plants like I do...or he enjoys banging with a hammer (under supervision)

SIL is very much a hippy and hasn't had him inoculated or anything...I suspect she will not send him to any kindergarten until he's about 4...we're not in UK so it's not the same system here.

We love him very much and are hoping that perhaps not speaking at all at 2 is still within the parameters of not needing help but that he will just "get there in the end"

Can anyone offer any reassurance please? We obviously can't intervene...he's not our child and SIL is very much a closed book...she wouldn't take kindly to even her own Mum suggesting intervention.

PandasRock Tue 08-Mar-16 00:07:03

I'm not sure what a speech delay has to do with lack of vaccination, what an odd thing to throw in.

FWIW, yes I would be concerned about a 2 year old with no speech whatsoever. Two of my dc had the same issue, with completely opposite outcomes.

My eldest has a severe language disorder, but my youngest did the often-talked about thing of suddenly starting and it being like a tap turning on - he went from having no speech at all, and minimal understanding (he couldn't even reliably show understanding of siblings names) at 2 to being considered advanced by 2.5... He is still, at 3.5, under observation, and his verbal skills are now off the scale. Oh, and he doesn't go to nursery/pre school/kindergarten either.

If you do want to help, leaving out some of the obvious judgement from your interactions with your SIL might help her open up a bit.

cuntycowfacemonkey Tue 08-Mar-16 00:13:05

Well just because she isn't open with you about it doesn't mean she isn't concerned herself or that she isn't doing something about it. DS2 managed to have private weekly speech therapy for 3 years without any of DH's family knowing about it.

You do sound very much like you judge your SIL so you may have to accept you are not the right person to approach this

MattDillonsPants Tue 08-Mar-16 00:30:19

Pandas I mentioned it because it's part of her lifestyle. She avoids intervention of any kind by authorities....I should have mentioned it or made it more clear. I actually don't judge her choices but wanted to share the circumstances so people didn't ask things like "has his nursery mentioned it" or "Tell her to take him to the doctor"

Cunty she isn't doing anything about it. She has said to my Dh that she will not take him to any doctor or other part of the establishment's healthcare system unless he is needing emergency hospital care for sudden injury or illness.

MattDillonsPants Tue 08-Mar-16 00:31:53

Pandas thank you for sharing that about your DC. With your child who did speak suddenly, did he have good physical skills like my nephew does?

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