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Anyone need a laugh read on

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reader108 Mon 07-Mar-16 20:22:56

My ds is 10 has autism, sensory issues, and ? ADHD He is VERY literal told me in the car on the journey home from school today ' A boy at school called 2 boys, a girl, and me retards' I said were you sad 'No it's fine I called him a leotard Mum!' He had/has no idea what 'retard' means I told him it's not a nice word, and he is NEVER to say it.

2boysnamedR Mon 07-Mar-16 23:07:57

Ah that's horrible. Kids are horrible sometimes.

I'd give the kid a extra flithy look in the morning to his back little sod

reader108 Tue 08-Mar-16 12:37:08

My ds did admit the 4 of them were being loud and playing silly games in the library. The other lad was trying to read. I did say what did you learn 'not to be loud in the library' lesson learnt.

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