Hearing problem?

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disappointed101 Mon 07-Mar-16 13:47:50

Hello, I posted on these threads a while back concerned for my son. He is 6 and I took him to the doctors after a very stressful week some time back. I have suspected for a long time that something is amiss. I was fobbed off by the doctor who saw "no red flags" after spending 2 minutes with him. Because the school had no issues, he was not worried, he said a referral usually comes from school.
Anyway, DS has recently had a change of Teacher. She called me in the other day to ask if he had problems with his hearing as he wasn't always responsive. She has noticed him getting upset in the playground but not in class.
He has over the past years found coping mechanisms for various things but struggles greatly socially, talks over people about his favourite thing and cannot play group games without getting upset and running away.
Teacher said if he has hearing problems, that could be making him upset. Could this really be the case?
FWIW I'm not sure he does have problems, rather he does not make good eye contact when listening.
Sorry for the post but this is such a lonely journey. I feel fobbed off by everyone. He is worse at home and weekends than at school.

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