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enterthedragon Sun 28-Feb-16 12:11:48

Does anyone have any personal experiences of independent Ed psychs in Hampshire.

I urgently need a recommendation, preferably of one who could be an expert witness.


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Tambaboy Sun 28-Feb-16 14:56:08

No personal experience but SOS!SEN might be able to help and provide a list of EP near your area, give them a ring.

Youarentkiddingme Sun 28-Feb-16 19:33:26

If you are in Hampshire they won't do an independent report for a child in Hampshire school. (I'm Hants too!). It's a conflict of interest if being used to fight the LA!

I know a Hants EP who could recommend one outside of Hampshire if that helps?

Can we use Portsmouth? There's 2 called Nicky and Steve who've just recently set up a private EP practice.

Youarentkiddingme Sun 28-Feb-16 19:34:25

If you are outside Hampshire the one I know does do independent reports and also does do witness as well.

Nigel1 Mon 29-Feb-16 17:02:41

Patsy Kershaw
07920 755681
Joy Horne
Both very competent and experienced EPs

enterthedragon Mon 29-Feb-16 17:59:47

youare I don't think I can use Nicky or Steve, conflict of interest, I think both have worked for our LEA, although I am in Hants we don't come under HCC.

I suppose anyone in Wilts would be OK, or other bordering counties,( trying to keep traveling time down) Where is the one you know?

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enterthedragon Mon 29-Feb-16 18:01:25

Nigel1 thanks I will take a look at those.

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Youarentkiddingme Mon 29-Feb-16 20:28:33

I know an ep who works in/for Hampshire but they know people from borders or no HCC but in Hampshire as well iyswim?! (Is S any good if not P?)

Yes I'm pretty sure they both worked or work for Hampshire but because it's P I wasn't sure how that would work for you iyswim?

Youarentkiddingme Mon 29-Feb-16 20:29:13

My ds does come under HCC but he's currently at an academy!

enterthedragon Tue 01-Mar-16 18:35:57

One of them has definitely worked for P, so they won't take it on any way.

School SENCO has done the access arrangement and DS has been given 25% extra time and a scribe but I am really worried about the fact that there is a part of the English exams that prohibit the use of a scribe or a laptop.

The assessment for access arrangement threw up a couple of surprises nasty shocks

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Youarentkiddingme Tue 01-Mar-16 18:44:38

I didn't know that re laptop. Ds uses a laptop and I've been told he can do his exams in the same format as he uses to write now - eg laptop.

What part of exam can't they use a scribe or laptop for? Are they testing handwriting etc now as well? DS is buggered!

enterthedragon Tue 01-Mar-16 20:42:13

Apparently they they are assessing punctuation and grammar

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enterthedragon Tue 01-Mar-16 20:50:01

Trying to find out whether this is the case for entry level exams as well as GCSEs.

I saw it on the tes site. If it is true DS is buggered too

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Youarentkiddingme Tue 01-Mar-16 22:52:40

Punctuation and grammar should be OK to be tested via laptop? Ds uses a laptop and his punctuation and grammar is horrendous (but yet excels in actual tests of his knowledge of it!)

The laptop doesn't change the fact my DS can't write a whole sentence in the same tense, use punctuation or write fluent complex sentences.
It does mean you can read his writing!

enterthedragon Wed 02-Mar-16 02:01:45

Well the only thing I can find is on the AQA website and that says students who dictate their answers are eligible for marks awarded for grammar. This is a third of the total marks awarded for SPaG.
Students who dictate their answers and indicate punctuation are eligible for marks awarded for punctuation and grammarthis is 2thirds of the total marks awarded for SPaG. The cover sheet must indicate that both punctuation and grammar were dictated. This is z
Students who

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Youarentkiddingme Wed 02-Mar-16 06:58:12

Ds dictated punctuation when he had a scribe for sats. It's achieve able but they do need practice on how to how it.

enterthedragon Wed 02-Mar-16 07:23:33

Argh, please ignore this is z and students who it's was late last night and I was very tired.

Students who dictate their answers, indicate punctuation and spell out every word are eligible for all SPaG marks. The cover sheet must indicate that spelling, punctuation and grammar were dictated.

Students using a scribe or word processor can access some or all of the marks available for SPaG provided there is sufficient evidence that it is their work. The JCQ cover sheet must show what was dictated or which facilities were disabled on the word processor.

So the tes thread that I was reading was wrong. Sorry for causing a panic, I am very much relieved.

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Youarentkiddingme Wed 02-Mar-16 07:31:12

That's why it's good to have threads. Chatting helps to draw out the truth form the Mis messages and ensure we get the right information to persue what's best for our children. flowers

enterthedragon Wed 02-Mar-16 07:33:24

DS has never done any SATs, the tests that they do in school throughout the year are just to do with what they are doing in lessons.

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enterthedragon Wed 02-Mar-16 07:39:34

You're right, but I can't help but wonder why nobody corrected the OP on that thread ( which is why I started panicking)

If you don't mind me asking what is your ds' typing and writing speeds?

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Youarentkiddingme Wed 02-Mar-16 16:50:34

His writing speed is fab grin but totally illegible! he's on 66%tile for handwriting speed!

His typing speed is average but his written communication is terrible
He's on 27%tile for typing speed.

But other things that effect this is his communication/ motor skills percentiles.

11th for motor planning, 5th for spelling, 19th for word recognition, 10th for reading comp speed and 22nd for verbal reasoning.

He doesn't even stay in same tense in the same sentence sometimes hmm grin

Youarentkiddingme Wed 02-Mar-16 16:51:30

Handwriting is 18wpm and typing is 13wpm.

Youarentkiddingme Wed 02-Mar-16 16:52:38

Should add that test and scores was when he was dictated a passage.
He has planning and processing difficulties that mean when he has to write his own words these speeds are slower.

enterthedragon Wed 02-Mar-16 20:37:37

DS results were reading comp & accuracy 53%tile, single word recognition 75%tile, spelling 50%tile, but the shockers were reading speed 34%tile, typing speed 18%tile, handwriting 1%tile.

I really need an Ed psych to look into this don't I.

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Youarentkiddingme Wed 02-Mar-16 21:47:44

Ds reading speed was 19%tile.

I'd say definitely an EP would help. It's such a minefield.

Has your DS done any CAt4 tests? I know from my DS he's 86,90 and 95 %tile for quantitative, NVR and spatial.
His learning style profile is that of extreme spacial bias. Only 1.5% nationally have this learning profile. So with regards DS other difficulties and the ASD he's likely the only student in his year group to learn the way he does.
Despite the schools very good teaching (regardless of what I think of them I do believe they are great at their teaching) they cannot differentiate for DS appropriately because he needs a very specific input.
It basically means that he learns in shapes rather than words. But it doesn't matter how cognitively able he is in these areas his poor ability to read and respond to information will affect his outcome in areas he's effectively gifted in.

These poor children. It just seems everything is against them sad

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