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Can I ask about extra curricular clubs for ASD DC?

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Meeep Thu 25-Feb-16 22:39:21

Did you find any that worked well for your DC? Any that didn't?

Did they make any adaptations? Thanks. flowers

PandasRock Thu 25-Feb-16 22:51:50

I have 3 dc with ASD, with varying severity.

Dd1 (11, severe ASD with language disorder) attends a scouts group, but at her school (SN school). I have the impression that the scouts movement overall would be accommodating of her needs (she would need a helper accompanying her, but we would supply this rather than rely on scout leaders), but have never tried this. Instead the local scouts group come to dd1's school as a satellite group, and a good proportion of the secondary cohort are enrolled. She enjoys this hugely (obviously differentiated according to need).

Dd1 has also had enormous enjoyment from trampolining. Again, she started going with her school, but now also goes for a lesson at weekends too. She has steadily worked through grading levels, and has also competed in national competitions, with good success. Her club is absolutely fantastic (and a high proportion of the disabled competitors at the completions come from her club).

Dd2 (9, has AS/HFA; cognitively ok, socially way behind) does various clubs at her school, and this works ok for now. Thankfully the clubs she attends are run by teachers who already know her (rather than external clubs) and so adaptions are already built in. She also does trampolining with hr sister, but the club adaptations in place for dd1 more than cover any adaptations dd2 would need.

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