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Annual review - do you send in a parent's report?

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Loueytb3 Thu 25-Feb-16 10:46:52

We have DS1's annual review next month. We are always asked whether we want to submit a parents report. Thus far we haven't. But we are coming up for EHCP transfer next year and I am wondering if we should submit something this year to set a paper trail for the LA. Is this a sensible idea and if so, what on earth do you include?

PandasRock Thu 25-Feb-16 20:44:22

I submit one, and have done for each AR since dd1 has had a statement (so about 7 or 8, I guess).

Each setting dd1 has been at has provided a framework for me to fill in:

Standard form stuff (confirm name/address/relationship to child etc, as well as ticking whether you think a statement should be maintained)

A space to outline what progress I think has been made.

A space to outline any concerns I have.

A space to write (with reference to last AR and paperwork bundle) whether the right areas are being targeted, and the right support being given.

A space provided for any other thoughts - what I might want to be looked at, what I might want to ask for in terms of extra provision etc.

PandasRock Thu 25-Feb-16 20:47:11

Oh, and there is usually a section for dd1 to provide her own views too (if appropriate; in our case it's not, and so school do this with her by getting her to select photos of favoured activities, and add in words chosen from a selection - they do include neutral/slightly negative views too!)

Loueytb3 Sun 28-Feb-16 21:28:20

Thanks very much Pandas. That's really helpful. I spoke to his school at the end of last week and they have suggested that I do submit a report this year as groundwork for where we want him to go at secondary level. They haven't given me a template though so I am slightly unsure about how to write it. It will be a tricky balance between setting out my concerns without criticising the school. I have no complaints about them, but I want to set out that he is getting more anxious and is struggling in a large class environment. I have spoken to DS about what he likes/dislikes and I will include that. The school ask for his views as well. His statement is completely out of date, hasn't been changed since reception but there has been no inclination to change it as I think the LA have been totally overloaded by the EHCP transfers.

venuscat Mon 29-Feb-16 08:40:51

We have a similar issue. Current out of authority school placement for DD was won at tribunal which our LA does not agree with. Annual review is in a couple of weeks time and we have the parent view form to fill in. We are probably 80% plus happy with the school. The odd issue we are able to discuss with the school and actions are taken. I have not filled in the parental view form to date as our LA would seize upon any negative that I might out down and I do not wish to give our LA any reason to consider a move to their school choice. Does anyone think I am being a little paranoid over this?

PandasRock Mon 29-Feb-16 09:37:14

You're welcome, Louey. I will try to look out the paperwork from our last review, as it has a copy of parental form, and post the exact headings to give you a better idea.

I know full well what you both mean re: presenting negative views, or giving anything away which he LA might seize upon. I have this dilemma every year - how to show that dd1 is making enough progress to justify her (eye wateringly expensive) independent SN school placement, while also showing that she hasn't progressed enough to leave said placement... It's a minefield.

Are your schools supportive? Do they write good reports for AR, aimed at keeping your child there? Dd1's school are very good, and write brilliant reports, and have shedloads of data to back up that she needs the level of support they provide, and that any gains are because of this level of support.

Loueytb3 Mon 29-Feb-16 21:54:24

Pandas - that would be fantastic if you don't mind. School is supportive and we usually get useful reports although they don't sound as detailed as yours. DS1 has been struggling in his ms class this year and concentration is a real issue. We want him to go to a secondary with small class sizes so we are laying the groundwork so to speak.

Venus - no I don't think you are being paranoid, especially as you have had such a fight to get the place. It is a tricky thing to write isn't it.

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