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What happens now?

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Lostmyemailaddress Wed 24-Feb-16 15:04:25


My son is 11 and currently attends ms school. He has severe adhd global development delay sensory processing issues ocd and anxiety. He was assessed for asd as numerous drs and Ed psych's say he presents has having but camhs did an assessment and said no but they didn't contact school and get any reports from them or his speech therapist which I am told they should have done so I plan on asking for him to be reassessed in the future.

I have received his statement through today and spoke to our support worker from send. On the statement part 4 says actively seeking special school placement. I asked our support worker and she says this means they have finally accepted him for funding. We have been seeking this since he was 6.
The only thing is I don't know what happens now and who is supposed to be looking for his place. He is due to start high school in September and the only information I have been given is that it will be a high school placement no one seems to be able or want to tell me anything further. I have tried to contact his case worker at the Lea but we don't get on after an argument a couple of years ago. I told her she shouldn't treat children as statistics and treat then as young people with very real needs after she started quoting funding policies and statistics blush

zzzzz Wed 24-Feb-16 15:53:49

Get a list of all the SS in your area. Cross out any that obviously don't cater for his needs and phone all the others and ask to look round. Choose the one YOU think is suitable and write requesting it. They are deciding NOW, so really if you want input you will have to work fast

Lostmyemailaddress Wed 24-Feb-16 16:15:26

OK thank you will start looking on Google and in phonebook now

Tambaboy Wed 24-Feb-16 16:26:12

SOS!SEN has a very useful guide on how to choose the right school. Have a look.

zzzzz Wed 24-Feb-16 16:29:10

It may be that there is one so obviously fitting his needs that it's a relatively easy decision. Go on the LA website. You may want to consider a unit attached to MS. You could name change and ask about your specific area. Here may be a Mnetter in the know.

Lostmyemailaddress Wed 24-Feb-16 16:30:18

Thank you I've downloaded it to my phone so can read it smile

Lostmyemailaddress Wed 24-Feb-16 16:32:26

I'm in Preston Lancashire and I'm sorry for being a pain how would I find which schools have a unit attached to them?

Tambaboy Wed 24-Feb-16 16:35:08

Check your LAs Local Offer website.

Tambaboy Wed 24-Feb-16 16:37:12


Lostmyemailaddress Thu 25-Feb-16 19:04:15

Thank you I've spoke to 2 schools today who think they could have a place for him. Someone is going to ring me to arrange for me to visit then do another visit with my dcs. I have also rang his case worker at the Lea to let her know smile

Lostmyemailaddress Tue 26-Apr-16 14:08:31

Just wanted to quickly post and say thank you again for the advice. Been to see the school I really wanted ds2 to go to today. It's gone really well. His name had already been put forward and they are happy to take him. An email has now been sent to lea to say we want ds2 to go there so it can be made official grin

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