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Therapeutic listening program or AIT - recommendations pls

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LifeOnARoundAbout Tue 23-Feb-16 10:37:45

My bright ASD and ADHD DS suffers with high level of sensory issues. This interferes with his learning all the time. Though he is on ADHD meds and usual behaviour strategies, the sensory issues seem to have overtaken in last few months. I was recommended TLP, anyone done this? Did it work for you? Could you please recommend a good practitioner in south east/london areas ?

Lazeedayz Thu 25-Feb-16 19:59:03

Ds did TLP when he was in Y5, it helped whilst he was doing it but the affects didn't last long afterwards.

It was organised through our Autism Outreach team from LA so he did the programme in school. Do you not have anything similar?

tartanterror Fri 26-Feb-16 15:28:46

I've been looking at this but decided not to go this way. Looking at Handle therapy but pm me and I'll give you the details of a company offering a home based programme of AIT at a fraction of the price of "supervised" in-clinic versions. Presumably you've checked and know that quite a few studies have been done but very few show proven benefits.... Like most of these blooming things. Obviously that's not the same as de-bunked but there are mores studies on this than other therapies I've looked at. Wish they would hurry up the science to save us parents experimenting eh?! Good luck

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