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Draft EHCP

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Shineyshoes10 Sat 20-Feb-16 15:30:53

We received DS's draft EHCP yesterday. On the whole I'm quite impressed with it. It's specific and quantified. The only wording that needs altering is 'a small group'.

I've got some questions though if anyone can help.

1) It states '30hrs of dedicated 1:1 by a specialist TA.' Then goes on to say what training is required for them to be a specialist TA. Several professionals report DS needs 1:1 at all times including lunchtimes and playtime in order to keep him and everyone else safe. If the named school is there for more than 30hrs should we ask for it to be changed to the specific number of hours/minutes or for it to say something like 1:1 at all times?

2) DS has so far made better than expected progress in maths and reading. Would you expect the rate of progress to continue at the same rate or would you expect it to slow?

In section B it says he's 2-2.5yrs ahead in maths, taken from the EP assessment. However under outcomes it says to be meeting all of the year 3 and the year 4 number and measurement outcomes at the end of KS1. But would you not expect more progress given his current rate of progress and the fact he's already met around half of the year 3 outcomes?

3) One of the outcomes is DS should be toileting independently by the end of KS1. Besides the fact I don't think it's realistic because he's never been totally independent and we are currently going backward. There isn't any provision to achieve this other than prompting him which we already do. Surely some other provision is needed if the outcome is to stay. I'm not sure what though.

4) Am I right in thinking transport should be in the EHCP at this point? And if it doesn't we should ask them to add it in?

5) The LA EP has said the school we wanted to name isn't suitable. However we still think this school would be best for DS's MH and social development. It's an OOA SS. It's not perfect but there are far greater issues with any of the LA SS. We are going to look round the school again this week.

Should we start collecting evidence to support a placement in this school now or wait for a refusal first? Apart from a private EP what evidence would we need? I've not got anything in writing but DSs specialist nurse thinks this school is most suitable and is preferable to a home tutor as part of an EOTAS package.

Sorry it's long. If you've got to the end thanks.

Shineyshoes10 Mon 22-Feb-16 21:02:27

Another question if anyone's reading. Is it unusual for a child to have a full time 1:1 in a SS? Happy to be told otherwise but I wouldn't have thought it was however the LA would like me to believe so as the keep repeating it.

GruntledOne Tue 23-Feb-16 00:11:34

1. I think I'd go being very specific e.g. full time 1:1 support including during break and lunchtimes.

2. I don't know what progress I'd expect, but it seems to me that the aim should be for progress to continue at the current rate.

3. An outcome relating to toileting seems sensible, but it should be realistic. The important thing is that provision should meet needs, not outcomes. So if toileting is recognised in B as a need then there must be provision to meet it. They need to get advice on that.

4. No, transport shouldn't be in the EHCP. If your DS is entitled to it he should get it irrespective of whether it's in the EHCP.

5. You should be consulted about your preference for a school, so you should give reasons both why that school is suitable and why none of the other schools in the local area can meet DS's needs. That depends to a great extent how section F is worded. If the reality is that all the provision in F is available in the local special schools you'll have major difficulty getting something further afield.

If you need to go to appeal you need an EP who assesses your child and also visits the school, but you probably won't get a decent EP report in the time available before the EHCP is finalised. You need one with experience of tribunal work. As for other evidence, it depends on the nature of your child's difficulties. It could be worth finding out whether there are any other children in your area attending the school you want, since if they can share transport that will reduce costs.

I suspect it could be unusual to have a full time 1:1 in special schools as the small classes are supposed to reduce the need for it, and they like to try to encourage independence. But it really depends on the child's needs.

Shineyshoes10 Tue 23-Feb-16 10:41:11

Thanks gruntled

The LA SS can't meet DS's needs. They haven't got the facilities and all the specialist staff. We've already collected some evidence of that as we've gone along. However the school we want isn't perfect so they've got a good argument for not naming it but there isn't a perfect one.

It's hard to get time to search for information when caring for DS all the time.

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