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Anyone used a chiropractor?

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MaterofDragons Mon 15-Feb-16 15:54:35

I've booked an assessment for my DT2 (asd and spd) to see if a chiropractor can help with his prolific toe walking and body tenses. He also has major sleep issues and needs melatonin to go to sleep but still wakes 2-3 times a night.

My friend says it has helped her NT child immensely and has encouraged me to investigate. It will be great to read feedback (good and bad) from anyone who has used a chiropractor to help their dc.

Runningtokeepstill Mon 15-Feb-16 17:47:31

Hmm, I suspect there are good and bad experiences and it's difficult to know what will suit your dc without giving it a go.

I took my youngest ds (hypermobility syndrome, chronic pain, gait issues including toe walking, sleep and fatigue problems) to an osteopath, aged 10 and later to a chiropractor around a year later. I'd heard good reports from parents of dc with hypermobility syndrome for both treatments, but not these individual practitioners. Unfortunately neither worked with my ds.

The osteopath was very clear that the treatment would start to work within a set number of sessions or not at all and said that if it didn't work there'd be no point wasting money by continuing. I got the feeling the chiropractor would have taken my money for evermore but we discontinued treatment as it didn't help and the work they do on necks worried me, especially given my ds's hypermobility syndrome diagnosis.

My ds is now 16 and has recently started seeing a private physiotherapist based at a sports treatment clinic and this is going well. We'd tried physio privately before at a place dealing with a range of conditions and that didn't go so well. I'd never considered places identifying as sports clinics as, although I know they treat other injuries, I didn't think they'd be the best place for a very unsporty, hypermobile ds with chronic pain. But this one is great. I got the recommendation from someone who'd worked with them previously.

Ds is probably NT, although currently being investigated for ASD after some issues came up when he went to an out of area hospital for a pain management assessment. He is, however, quite fed up with his condition and can be very resistant to approaches to try to help him as he feels he's seen and done it all before and nothing works. He is managing to keep going with the physiotherapy and the practitioner he sees has a sensible, down to earth approach. I felt some physios he'd seen previously (including NHS) either promised the moon in terms of improvement or blamed him for flunctuations in his condition so finding someone who got on with things in a fairly neutral way was much better. I think having a sympathetic person who "gets" your dc is as important as the therapy itself.

MaterofDragons Tue 16-Feb-16 17:34:46

running thanks, that's very useful to know. I guess I will take him along and if I smell snake oil then won't proceed. I really wish there was something out there that could help him. We're on the waiting list for OT but will be lucky to be seen before the full 18 months are up (so another 6 months)

MaterofDragons Fri 19-Feb-16 17:57:00

DT2 responded very well to the chiropractor. I'm amazed. He went in to the office like the Tasmanian devil but allowed him to move his leg, arm and his head. The chiropractor said let's see what happens for a month and then reassess, you can stop at that point if you want to. He's given me some exercises to do on DS at home.
I've booked another session and will see how it goes. DT2 still ramped up his hyperactivity when we got home hmm

Remarkably his OT appointment has come through for next week so will be interesting to see how they compare.

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