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getting data from school

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cansu Sun 14-Feb-16 16:24:31

I am in the process of appealing to the tribunal for my dd school placement and EHC plan. The school proposed by the LA has given very vague answers thus far about the provision it offers, qualifications of staff and progress of the children. I would really like to get some proper info especially on data and the progress children make. How would you go about this? I am considering going on a visit armed with a list of questions. I would also like to see samples of the work done by children to compare it with what my dd does. Is this something I can ask for??

cansu Sun 14-Feb-16 16:26:04

this is a special school and there is absolutely no data on the Ofsted page for the school nor is there any on the school website as they don't do SATS. they must however surely have data??

Shineyshoes10 Sun 14-Feb-16 17:28:10

Is there any data here? It shows different criteria for special schools based on P levels alongside SATS results.

GruntledOne Sun 14-Feb-16 17:30:52

You could do a Freedom of Information Act inquiry, though they've got quite a lot of time to respond to that; it might be better simply to ask the questions in writing and, if they don't respond, apply to the tribunal for an order requiring them to respond. However, I doubt you will get anywhere asking for work samples - they will say that they can't for confidentiality reasons etc.

Check whether there is any data on the DfE website.

DamedifYouDo Sun 14-Feb-16 20:06:28

Data for special schools is very very different to mainstream schools and it is unlikely to mean much, as far as I am aware there is no national comparable data, I'm in Wales, it may be different in England.
My son attends an excellent school and each pupil is looked at as an individual, there is constant assessment using various systems according to ability - roots for learning for the least able, P levels and B squared. Overall the school measures how many pupils achieve their targets, with such a mixed cohort it is almost impossible to compare year on year or with other schools, for example some pupils have regressive conditions and the aim for them will be to minimise that rather than measure progress. That is another reason SS data is complex.
What level is your dd working at? At ds school the work can be very different as all lessons are differentiated appropriately for each pupil, samples of work may not be relevant to your dd. I wouldn't want my ds work being shown to random parents.
Can you speak to parents of pupils in the school? Have you visited yet?
Have you asked how they would assess your dd and what they would do to meet her needs? What does the most recent Ofsted say about the school and pupil progress?
I honestly don't think you will find the data you are hoping for.

cansu Sun 14-Feb-16 21:36:01

My dd is on P8 and I am very concerned that she will spend time being looked after rather than making the progress she is capable of. The school is requires improvement in every category and is particularly criticised for not measuring outcomes, not progressing the most able students and for poor quality teaching. I don't want to see any children's names on any work. What I do want to see is that some children are working at similar levels to my dd and that lessons are pitched appropriately. I also want to know how much progress children make at the school in terms of their reading, maths and writing. I know school is about more than these measures, but I want to see that the school can cater to my dd's cognitive abilities. I agree it may be difficult to get this information and I am pretty cross that there are no objective measures of how the school is doing available to me, other than the Ofsted judgements.

DamedifYouDo Tue 16-Feb-16 20:50:03

The difficulties arises because all children with SEN are so different!

When you visit ask how they measure outcomes? What percentage of pupils meet their IEP targets each year and how they make sure the targets are realistic? How are pupils assessed / how often? How do they challenge the more able pupils within the school? What peer group would your dd have?

You could ask what changes have been / are being made in light of the latest Ofsted inspection report. (lots could have changed for the better)

If you approach the school with a non confrontational "we want to work together for the best outcome" attitude you may find them more responsive to your questions. Sometimes a long list of questions can result in a school becoming defensive and not so forthcoming.

shazzarooney99 Wed 17-Feb-16 21:42:57

Most children with disabilties in specail schools are at low levels and in fact an element of care is in there, however if your child is that advanced i truly dont think specail school is the place for her, she should be in mainstream.

DamedifYouDo Thu 18-Feb-16 09:17:53

Some children just can't cope with mainstream even if they are more academically able! It can be very difficult to find the right placement for these children as they system doesn't seem to recognise them.

cansu Thu 18-Feb-16 20:00:03

Yes ds does fall between the two. She really needs specialist Asd provision, but getting this from the LEA is proving very challenging.

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