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should i push for an OT referral?

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AdriftOnMemoryBliss Wed 10-Feb-16 21:49:22

DS is disabled, he has quite severe dyspraxia, autism, adhd, spd and a bunch of other co-morbids, he's also my oldest.

Due to his issues i'm very vigilant with my nearly 7yo DD who is in yr2, partly because yr2 was also when everything kicked off with DS and our diagnosis journey began.

DD is struggling with her writing, its barely legible. Apparently its ok-ish in writing practise, but isn't being carried on into her work books. I had parents evening this morning and i was shown the YR2 goverment criteria for handwriting under the new national curriculum, and basically told, at the moment, out of the 12 tick boxes, dd wouldn't get a tick in ANY of them, which is apparently a shame as she is so bright in all other areas (and stubborn, lol)

Now.. to me that says this may be a sign she is having issues with her fine motorskills, it was handwriting problems that first (finally) triggered the school to refer him to an OT and all the other issues have fallen out since.

Now while i believe DD to be largely NT, her handwriting has me concerned.

Am i just fussing because of what i went through with DS, or should i be pushing for an OT referral or some kind of in school handwriting intervention or, i don't know.. something more than she's getting?

2boysnamedR Wed 10-Feb-16 22:10:42

I would push for it. In my area physio wait is shorter and I have with my younger kids got into physio first to check for hyper mobility.

Ds2 is dyspraxic. All my kids are hyper mobile. Physio is keeping a eye on my youngest as I'm paranoid. Best to get it checked out or you will always be worrying.

There are good programs if it is hyper mobility. Plus you might be better off thinking about learning touch typing. Ds is going to get to a stage where he can't write fast enough.

AdriftOnMemoryBliss Wed 10-Feb-16 22:24:17

DS has major issues with his writing, he has to use a computer for 50% of his written work, the rest is done with support or his 1:1 acting as a scribe.

DD can write, its just really terrible, and she won't hit the required targets for joined up writing which the new curriculum is now demanding!

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