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Traffic Lights

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mrsforgetful Fri 21-May-04 20:52:53

I have just bought a set of traffic lights for Alex for his birthday!!!!

They have real working lights which sequence- and a green and red man!

They came from germany!

Thomas was the real traffic light addict- but all 3 love them.

couple of years back there was an autistic boy near here who made the headlines when he got given a real set of traffic lights for his garden....these are only 3ft tall and plastic....but i am thrilled to bits and cannot wait to see his face!



tweeny Fri 21-May-04 20:58:02

they sound great fun. what are the details needed to order them?

mrsforgetful Fri 21-May-04 21:29:14

well- got them through Ebay- so if you go on the Ebay Uk site and do a search with this item number you can see them

Item number : 3193767211

tweeny Fri 21-May-04 21:38:41


coppertop Fri 21-May-04 21:54:51

When is his birthday, MrsF?

Road signs and traffic lights? Will you be rising to the occasion and dressing up as a lollipop lady?

Ds1's 'thing' is having to press the button on pedestrian crossings - even if we're not actually going to be crossing the road. Drivers are (understandably) less than impressed!

coppertop Fri 21-May-04 22:25:01

Just spotted on the other thread that his birthday is tomorrow.

mrsforgetful Wed 26-May-04 10:23:08 i am!
and as i thought the traffic lights were dismantelled within minutes and the signs rarely intact!!!!

basically he liked them but thomas was more interested and said he wished they'd made them when he was 5!
problem with alex at the moment is that he simply isn't playing with anything and i am having to watch him constantly.

he had a razor the other day and cut his finger- blood everywhere- thomas did the same at age yet another reminder/deja vu etc.

he also heard me mention 'tea party' on his birthday and proceeded to try to make 'undiluted ribeena drinks' for all of us the family room....on the carpet ....he ended up spilling 1/2 the 2litre bottle- and this was an hour before his party. my husband had to shampoo the carpet- i was too angry.

also i burnt myself on the chip pan the other day as i had to reach out suddenly to stop alex from using the sharp knife that i had been cutting the chips with.

this is the kind of constant behaviour from him at the moment- and it is wearing me down- this is the first time i've been on MN for 5 days.

coppertop Wed 26-May-04 10:26:02

Oh MrsF. Sorry you're having such a rough time. As soon as you get one problem solved another one seems to appear.

mrsforgetful Wed 26-May-04 21:39:38

mind you he is gorgeous too!

BlossomHill Wed 26-May-04 21:50:04

Mrs F, So sorry to hear that you are having a hard time at the moment. Alex sounds just like dd, I literally have to have eyes in the back of my head as she is always up to "no good". It is very wearing, I know and makes you just feel utterly in despair, well it does with me. Hopefully the rest of the week will be better for you, fingers crossed. BH

mrsforgetful Wed 26-May-04 21:58:01

today i decided to experiment with giving him his tea at 4 o'clock- and he was definitely better's possible he gets irritable etc due to hunger???? my other 2 boys (definitely autistic) do not seem to get this is what made me try the early i understand it just because a person is not aware they are hungry doesn't mean their body is unaware too!!!! so.....for me to not eat means headaches,irritablility,light-headedness and shakiness am sure kids must feel it like that in some way????

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