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How to ask for what you want on EHCP?ABA question

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amunt Thu 04-Feb-16 14:07:36

I’ve received a letter that LA will go ahead with EHCP assessment and I will be contacted for a meeting with relevant professionals. I basically want 1: 1, supervision during breaks and some form of ABA (I can see them falling off their chairs already).

Do I just come right out in the meeting and say all this? I’m not really sure how it works? The senco, teachers and assistants have all said how dramatic his progress has been, which is clearly a result of specific ABA programmes (3 afternoons a week and at home). I know that it will go to tribunal (herts), so I want to avoid too much dancing around, but also don’t want to put a foot wrong.

I’d be grateful if anyone could advise on how to deal with the next phase.

Veritat Thu 04-Feb-16 17:55:28

If they're doing an EHC assessment, it doesn't guarantee that they will issue an EHCP. I'm a bit concerned that if everyone starts talking about the progress he's been making, they will say he doesn't need one.

That means that you need to emphasise the problems your DS has been having and that he wasn't (I assume) making progress in school despite their best efforts until you started using ABA. If possible, you need the school to agree that it needs to continue. Concentrate at this stage on getting the EHCP, worry about its contents if or when they say yes and send you a draft for consultation.

amunt Thu 04-Feb-16 19:22:45

Thanks for advice Veritat. I think I've been focussing on progress, but as you say it's as important to emphasize why he still needs the intervention.

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