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Advice please on 1:1 support

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itsbegginingtolook Wed 03-Feb-16 13:19:31

Hi just wondered if you could please give me some advice? My ds is 3.6 and is currently under going assessments for autism. Hes see's a pediatrician, a occupational therapist, a speech therapist has been assessed by mpact team and is currently waiting to see the asmpact team, but the psychologist at the mpact was the same one who is going to be at the asmpact.
So we had his first assessment for some 1:1 at nursery the other day. She has done a report up and sent it to us and also said she will come back and assess him in the spring term and have a meeting with me.BUT she seems to think at the moment it is highly unlikely we will get any funding as he hasn't had a formal diagnosis just yet. So have any of you had the funding without the formal diagnosis? and is there any points i should bring up in my meeting with her to make my argument stronger? thankyou for any help you can give smile

birdlover1977 Wed 03-Feb-16 13:36:30

My two ASD sons didn't get 1-1 support in nursery or Reception because they could cope in the play environment but by the time they were in Year 1 some 1-1 support was put in place even without a diagnosis. Support shouldn't be dependent upon a diagnosis though because the nursery should just give support on the basis of his individual needs. Many children have additional needs and no formal diagnosis. Good Luck

itsbegginingtolook Wed 03-Feb-16 20:00:40

thanks bird. it seems so unfair especially when he needs so much extra care compared to the other children. I also worry because hes suppose to start reception in September and is no where near been ready to be potty trained, so now thinking i may have to delay him for a year because he just doesn't seem ready with no support. It is such a minefield.

Fairylea Wed 03-Feb-16 20:46:08

You can get an ehcp without a diagnosis. We have for our son who is 3.8 and is currently in the middle of a diagnosis for asd. We are fighting for a special school place for him but if you got an ehcp you would be able to get 1 to 1 support in a mainstream school too. Look on the ipsea website for advice.

Without an ehcp the school can use some of their funding to allocate a 1 to 1 for some hours of the day. You just need to push and push!

zzzzz Wed 03-Feb-16 21:14:10

We have 1:1 without dx. The two things are unrelated. Nursery should be providing the support he needs. Mine was fine in nursery but needed 1:1 after that.

itsbegginingtolook Thu 04-Feb-16 16:16:09

Thanks will look at that website. And will def keep pushing. Preschool recon they don't have no funding

zzzzz Thu 04-Feb-16 16:28:33

What specific extra care do you think he needs?

itsbegginingtolook Thu 04-Feb-16 21:03:39

He's still non verbal and he's still not potty trained he doesn't socialise won't sit or join in group activitys can't follow or understand commands doesn't see or understand danger still needs help eating doesn't know how to communicate what he wants/needs. That's off the top off my head

zzzzz Thu 04-Feb-16 21:23:55

(nb mine had some words at that stage but otherwise sounds similar, now 10)

non verbal have salt been into nursery to advise on creating a suitable environment and trouble shoot?

not potty trained this is pretty standard for non verbal kids as it IS harder without easy communication. Do they have changing facilities and someone to do it, plus the understanding that this is part of his delay and in line with expected development for him NOT laziness.

doesn't socialise do they have a plan to help him learn how to socialise? (Salt can advise)

won't sit or join in group. As above social, what HAVE they tried.

can't follow or understand commands how do you overcome this? Will it transfer to nursery?

doesn't see or understand danger have they done a risk assessment.

needs help eating. Investigate staged support and caring cutlery.. Is there a plan to foster independence?

doesn't know how to communicate what he wants/needs. Ask salt for strategies.

All of this should be available NOW within nursery and there is funding if it is deemed above and beyond they can apply for. Most of it is well within their usual remit.

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